Deadlocked–Charlaine Harris

All right. Champion of all champions, I finished the rest of the series and have finished now the recently published one.

Basically, this book was set out to ruin Sookie and Eric’s relationship. She catches him sucking some broads neck and gets pissed. Then the King of Louisiana/Arkansas/Nevada comes up…in order to ruin their relationship and figure out why his regent is dead.

Sookie’s fairy grandfather, Niall, comes back after closing up Fairy and tries to figure out who put a spell on his son Dermot (while still being a douche to Dermot. Makes me want to clobber him.).

Sookie gets a weird compact from her grandmother in a sewing dress pattern package (otherwise known as a cluviel dor) and fairies are again interested in what the hell is happening over at the little blond telepaths house.

I loved it and am deeply surprised by the ending and can’t wait until the next one. Again, girl needs to write faster.
(Impressed I posted on the date I set for it?! ME TOO! So it’s 10:30 at night, but still!!!! I MADE IT!!! Constant vigilance dirt bags.)

Dead Reckoning–Charlaine Harris

One of my favourite book series and I’m more than ecstatic that Sookie is back, although I’m not so sure if in full force.

 Maybe it’s because I didn’t have the lead up of all the other books like I’m use to or because I’ve been watching too much of Trueblood so I forget that some of the characters aren’t there and that other things happen to ones that do survive that aren’t in the series, but I feel like this one left a lot to be desired. I feel like there should’ve been an extra chapter at the end or like this is the calm before the storm (which happens with a lot of her books, but since I had them at hand I wasn’t too upset about, but this one has no next book, so I felt like I missed something.)

 So I was deeply confused about what was happening for a little bit. Good thing the Internet exists so I could re-catch up with my favourite characters and what I didn’t remember from the last time I read these. 

           This book is all about Sookie in a perpetual state of confusion. You get a better look into what’s going on in Sooks mind and how she’s dealing with everything that keeps happening to her, around her, and with her lover/husband Eric.

 The plot of this is that that doucher Victor is…well, being a doucher, and they are looking for a way to be rid of him for good. Then there is Debbie Pelts sister Sandra who has a vendetta against Sookie…so they are looking for a way to get rid of her too. Then Sookie is trying to figure out how she can have a relationship with Eric while he is being super secretive about stuff. There are fairies everywhere acting strange, and Alcide pops up and propositions Sookie in a really weird way that I thought was cute, but she was mad at.

 The only people who know how to fix all of Sookies problems either are missing, being evasive or have been ordered not to tell her anything.

    She’s got to find a way to get all these supernatural buttheads to talk.

 Can’t wait for the next one, I think it’ll be a doozey.

 (Trueblood comes back on June 26th by the way. Yay!)