Pride and Pleasure–Sylvia Day

I love a good romance novel that 100% promises dirty sex scenes.  I have a juvenile mind where I don’t find these scenes sexy: I find them absurd and a good gut laugh. Like I laugh my ass off like they told a good joke.  Man oh man.  I’m going to die alone.  Anyway, thisContinue reading “Pride and Pleasure–Sylvia Day”

Wifey–Judy Blume

‘Wifey’ is based in the 60s, which I had no idea until I started reading and was like whoa what in the mother, why is everyone hating on black people so hard?! What sort of community is this?! The hatin’ kind. That’s who. So after reacclimatizing myself to reading about the racism in the 60sContinue reading “Wifey–Judy Blume”

Big Girl Panties–Stephanie Evanovich

I picked this book up solely because her name is Stephanie Evanovich. I love Janet Evanovichs stuff and I don’t know why I thought this would be similar (it’s not) and I thought she was her daughter. (Turns out neice.)   Even so, without once again, reading the back flap, I read this book coverContinue reading “Big Girl Panties–Stephanie Evanovich”

This Bums Me Out

Can you see what’s happening here? In my beloved Chapters, THIS is what is going on. This is what the world is coming to! Sure, Jersey Shore is kind of funny in a “OMG, look at those fantastic idiots!” kind of what, who doesn’t love some hillbilly action in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo? IContinue reading “This Bums Me Out”

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty–Anne Rice

*Fans self *  This book is for my lovely dirty birds. Now, you know I love a good dirty joke, a good dirty story, and a well-written book.  This didn’t have dirty jokes in it, but this book was really great! I kept seeing this book in thrift stores and I was wondering why thisContinue reading “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty–Anne Rice”

Bared to You–Sylvia Day

Nerdy nerdy dirty birdies! This book is fiiiiiiiilthy! It’s dirty! It’s nasty! It’s too dirty to clean its act up. Yeah. I just Christina Aguilera circa 2002’d you. Anyway, for all my dirty birds out there who are looking for something that’s actually literate while being sexy at the same time, this is the bookContinue reading “Bared to You–Sylvia Day”

Fifty Shades Darker–E.L. James

So Fifty Shades of Grey left us in a tailspin of emotion, a roller coaster ride of uncertainty, a hailstorm of wonder! Haha, just kidding. It left us thinking they weren’t going to be together. Well, obviously they get back together or there wouldn’t be two more books. They need to “talk out” their problemsContinue reading “Fifty Shades Darker–E.L. James”

Fifty Shades of Grey–E.L. James

Yeah. This one. I read this. Don’t judge me. My curiosity got the better of me. This is what I read after like seven really great and interesting books (in their own rights). My friend told me to forget what everyone told me about these books, about the bad writing, and disturbing sex scenes, aboutContinue reading “Fifty Shades of Grey–E.L. James”