Personal Demon–Kelley Armstrong

Hope Adams is a chaos half-demon.

She loves a good thrill, loves a good fight, and loves it when chaos vibes roll through her whenever hunky suave Karl Marsten, werewolf, is around.

I understand that I can make these book sounds incredibly insane and cheesy, but you don’t have to trust my writing, you have to trust Kelley Armstrongs.

Here is another example of exemplary writing and story telling.

We’ve met Hope before, we know what she’s like, and now we are getting a great adventure involving my favourite Cabal leader, Benecio ‘Kill You With A Thunder Bolt” Cortez, a gang of supernaturals looking to take down the Cabals, and the ever angry: Karl Marsten. With Hope at the forefront and trying to get a hold of her powers as they grow and sometimes debilitate her, we end up with a really fun book.

Great plot, great ending, just great, great, great.

Plus Hope continually puts Karl in his place whenever he gets out of line and I love that she’s always ribbing him.

Constant vigilance.


Haunted–Kelley Armstrong

In past books we were introduce to a handful of side characters that never sounded like they would ever get their own books. Just helpful people on the sidelines to get the job of the main characters stuff done.

One such person was necromancer Jaime Vegas. A 40-something sexy red head of a television star who uses her powers to pad her starlet lifestyle on the medium circuit. The next two I never would have guessed would be rewritten into the books for one solid fact:

They died.

But what happens to us when we pass over? All supernaturals know that there is an afterlife, otherwise what are necromancers for?

In this book Eve Levine struggles with the prospect of giving up on the living world completely. Her daughter is still there after all. She wants, and needs, to make sure she is okay. With the help of Savannahs father, Kristof Nast, and Jaime Vegas, Eve tries to solve the puzzle of a century old serial killer who inhabits the bodies of women. A Nix she’s called and she loves her chaos, often leading both victims and hosts down a treacherous path of destruction.

The Fates have asked Eve to deal with it after already sending a handful of angels that have either been driven insane, thrown into alternate dimensions, or gone M.I.A.

Naturally Eve tells them where to stick it.

I enjoy how Kelley Armstrong has the ability to introduce her characters seamlessly and use the different voices of each character in such a way that you still enjoy the writing, but get new perspective each time. Eve is a little darker than the last few books because she was into dark magic, she was fine with killing someone as long as it was a means to an end or they were in her way and it was unavoidable. On the other side, she protected her daughter from this knowledge and she loves her kid and is motherly.

She always makes it interesting for us.

Constant vigilance!


Stolen–Kelley Armstrong

Humans aren’t in the know when it comes to supernatural beings. We are focused on the lore and the materialistic side of it: ie. What could powers DO for me?

In the second of the Otherworld series we are back with the werewolves and Elena Michaels has been captured by a duel working team of supernatural’s and humans. Working to find out all they can and exploit all they can in an under ground facility where they study supernatural’s. The humans are closing in.

Elena, being the only female werewolf, is in high demand since women rarely survive being bitten and are certainly not born with the gene. Being a werewolf is a boys club.

We’ve all likely read something where people or things are being experimented on, it all sounds familiar right? Under ground? Scientists? Humans pushing the limits?

This is a book, while using all the classic scare tactics such as the poking and prodding of science, that also uses the dark side of human nature. Very well written, fresh, and down right stressful while also providing heart warming moments.

I love Elena. She feels like a real person even though she is a werewolf, she admits to being scared, she has panic attacks, she has real people flaws that I enjoy reading about.

Good stuff. (This is why I’m rereading the series book by book instead of just the new ones.)

Constant vigilance.

Stolen - Kelley Armstrong