Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children–Ranson Riggs

We’ve made it out of the Roald Dahl vortex. Thank God. I was originally reading this book because I had been interested in it for awhile and then the movie was coming out, so naturally, I was trying to prep myself for the movie! And then I never went and saw the movie. I holdContinue reading “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children–Ranson Riggs”

A Dance With Dragons–George R. R. Martin

SPOILERS AHEAD. (I’ll warn you when it’s coming.) Dun dun dun dun dun dah I’m never reading another of theeeeese. (Sing that in the theme song and you’ve got it right.) So I’m a purest in the sense that when I read a series whether I’ve read the series before the new book came outContinue reading “A Dance With Dragons–George R. R. Martin”

Odd Hours–Dean Koontz

Ah my love. My darling. I’ve hungered for youuur touch. A loooong lonely time. I missed Odd Thomas. He’s such a sweetheart!             He’s one of those characters that can take you through the story, take you through his world, and you just blindly follow him not minding that the story isn’t quite making senseContinue reading “Odd Hours–Dean Koontz”

Catching Fire–Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire’s last review was teeny tiny because I was so excited about this series that I didn’t want to give one ounce of it away. But upon second reading, and two years later, I can assume that you’ve read this and I can be just as fanatically excited about it as ever.             Let’sContinue reading “Catching Fire–Suzanne Collins”

The Hobbit–J.R.R. Tolkien

Rare Nerd Alert. I absolutely love The Hobbit. It’s one of my all-time favourite books and I’ve read it a bunch of times. Obviously it’s completely necessary for me to read this book again because the movie came out a few months ago. I haven’t seen it, I’m so ashamed of myself. But at leastContinue reading “The Hobbit–J.R.R. Tolkien”

Jitterbug Perfume–Tom Robbins

Before I step into the creepy world of Ed Gein, I thought that I would sum up my love affair with Jitterbug Perfume. This book was introduced to me via my piano teacher who basically spent a good ten minutes of our lesson telling me the plot instead of actually teaching me anything. Those wereContinue reading “Jitterbug Perfume–Tom Robbins”

The Calling–Kelley Armstrong

Okay, so I’ve already reviewed this one before, but I had to read it again since The Gathering came out and I never got around to reading it since I’m a super freak and have too many books calling my name. No pun intended. I’m glad that I read this one again because I completelyContinue reading “The Calling–Kelley Armstrong”

A Game of Thrones–George R.R. Martin

Holy. Crap. As you may well remember, I am a huge nerd. I love Harry Potter to a sickening degree, I love LOTR to the point where if you asked me to wear elf ears I would without question. If you asked me if I would like to take archery lessons or to go horsebackContinue reading “A Game of Thrones–George R.R. Martin”