Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy

My beautiful Dumplin’. This book was so wonderful I started a book club. Now, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a chubby bunny. I mention it whenever I read a book by or about chubby girls. So reading about this chubby teenager who is constantly crapped on for being fat broke my heartContinue reading “Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy”

This is Me–Chrissy Metz

Classic. After I said I was going to write every day I immediately forgot and here we are four days later. But here we go. SPOILERS TO “THIS IS US” FIRST SEASON.  Now, I knew I was going to like this book immediately because I really like Chrissy Metz as a human. (Not that IContinue reading “This is Me–Chrissy Metz”

Keep Moving Forward

I am having major body image issues this week. Mostly because I can’t stop eating. And crying. And eating because I’m crying. And crying because I’m eating. Let’s put this in perspective though: People gotta eat. And ladies get PMS, and sometimes that PMS makes us batshit. *shrug* I’m just eating the bad stuff. ALLContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”

Keep Moving Forward: To each their own, and to own their each.

There has been something that goes on with my friends and family, and in all likeliness: everyone ever. It’s that we each have our own stuff to deal with body wise. The other day I was chatting with some people and I was complaining about the painful pimple under my lip. Now, you’ve likely seenContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward: To each their own, and to own their each.”