Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing–Judy Blume

This book is dear to me only because I read it to my little cousin and he not only enjoyed the antics, but it kind of reminded me that he is an extra special little guy.

In that he’s articulate and does not throw tantrums the likes of this kids little brother Fudge.

In fact, I found that some of this was unrealistic (obviously, it’s a kids book made for entertainment not realism.) and didn’t show Fudge being a particularly verbal kid.

BUT I have to remember that not every kid is a little sass-pot like my cousin and that he is in fact the exception to the rule. (He’s a clever little twerp who told me just last week “I am capable of walking, thank you.” and to his sister when he was asked to do something “I am not available for that.” haha He’s four and amazing.)

This book also gave us the lovely phrase “Eat it or wear it.” to which I say whenever we are in an argument at lunch time and it helps us to ease our frustration with each other.

It was a cute book, definitely good to read to or with a kid. (Nothing like the weirdo Roald Dahl books that bordered on inappropriate constantly.)

Constant vigilance.


Insurgent–Veronica Roth

 Admittedly, I don’t remember much of this book either. The second I’m done a book now I start another one. I seriously just set it on my night stand and stand on my bed to get another book.

 I have two book shelves above my bed, one bookcase on the ground, books in my closet, and sometimes, when I go overboard, books in my dresser drawers.

 Insurgent is a sequel to Divergent, all hell broke loose in the last one and now we’re watching Tris and Four try to figure stuff out. And they keep getting mad at each other, which I don’t enjoy. Lead characters can fight, but not as much as these two did in the book. It was brutal! I just wanted to knock their heads together and tell them to work it out!

 Then again, they are only like 18 and 24 or something, so they could just not be meant for each other, you know? Who says that they have to be together just because they fell in love in a book?

 What am I saying anymore?

 I think I’ve lost my mind.

 I love these books, read them, they are really great. I’m not doing them justice due to memory loss.

I think I should go meditate or something.

Divergent–Veronica Roth


That’s how excited this book made me. I loved it! If you are a Hunger Games fan, you will like it.

This YA book was just what I needed, a sweet and innocent post-apocalyptic story about a world that is separated by personality traits after realizing that things weren’t going so well when we were all jumbled together with their separate religions and politics mixing and you know, things that make people people.

   When they are sixteen the teens in this world are put to the test (mental tests, that is) where they find out which faction they go into.

Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite are the virtues that make up this world and what they are separated by.

We follow Beatrice Prior, a born Abnegation girl, through the process and find out what she is and what it will do to her world.

This was a book that I wanted to look into for a while and found it for cheapy at a thrift store and happily bought it. (I’m poor now, so don’t judge me for spending my pennies on used books. I can’t afford to spend 25 dollars on one book!)

It was awesome and I really couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to find Insurgent!!!

Constant vigilance!