Simon Vs. The Homosapiens Agenda–Becky Albertalli

Thiiiiiiiiis boooooooooooook. Myyyyyyyyy heeeeeeeeaaaaaaart. 

Simon is a teenager coming into his own, trying to sort out how to come out to his family and friends, and in general living the life of a teenager.

I love this book so much. I hugged it when it was over. 

My sisters all agreed that it ended rather abruptly for our taste. WE NEEDED MORE.

Beautifully written, lovely story, a mystery as to who he was falling in love with through email, and just all around greaaaaat book. 

Everyone should read this book. EVERYONE. 

I can’t wait to read the next one! 


The House of Hades–Rick Riordan

Wwwweeell, Annabeth and Percy kind of sort of fell into Tartarus.


This is their battle to get out and close the Doors of Death while the team up top tries to find them and close it from the other side. As naturally, it has to be a team effort.

Now, this book was brilliant in that it involves Nico di Angelo more, someone from the original series who has been in and out of our lives, he knew about both camps and kept it to himself for the safety of everyone, he can raise the dead, he can shadow travel, he can command hellhounds.

And the kid is just plain old cool to me.

He’s been one of my favourite characters since we met him early on where he was obsessed with a card game called Mythomagic. He was bouncy and exuberant but as he grew so did his darkness.

Nico was hiding many secrets, not the one where he was trapped in a time warping casino since the 40s, but the one where he wasn’t in love with Annabeth, but he was in love with Percy.

This is the first gay character I’ve read in a teen series! (As far as I’m aware.)

And the best part of it is that while Nico is ashamed and scared to reveal this about himself because he was born in a time where it was seen as a bad and shameful thing, when he DOES tell someone about it, they act like a person should and treat him with respect and kindness and show that it really isn’t a big deal, they are still themselves and just because you like someone of the same sex doesn’t mean you are a freak or any less a member of the team.

You still matter.

Rick Riordan is so good at writing and including everyone without making it seem forced or like he has an agenda, because I don’t think he does. He’s just writing about PEOPLE being people.

I love these books. I’m so happy.

Constant vigilance.


Unbearable Lightness–Portia de Rossi

We all know Portia De Rossi. We all know that she’s a gorgeous actress with a head of hair that we would all kill for. (Or at least, I would.) She’s been in stuff like Ally McBeal and Arrested Development. She’s gay. She’s married to Ellen.

 And she used to be anorexic.

 Lowest weight she hit was 82 pounds. Gross right? This whole book is a look into what it’s like to be obsessive about weights and sizes. About what it’s like to be under the microscope and how much it affects people to be hiding a secret. (Like being gay.) She opens right up and lets it all out and it is both disturbing and amazing.

       Made me realize that I have an eating disorder. (And not in a hokey hypochondriac kind of way.) I’m a solid 190 pounds at 5’6 and the worst yo-yo dieter you’ll ever meet. Binge eater extraordinaire. Portia goes on to explain near the end that dieting is just another form of eating disorder. Dieting is restricting us from what we want and what we want to be. Eat what you want and listen to your body when it tells you that you are full.

 She gives some amazing advice and lets you in on the struggles that she went through. This really changed my way about eating. (It’s okay to eat fries and chips as long as I remember that I can eat them any day of the week, so it’s not on my mind all the time. Exercise is torture. Find activities that you like to do. Like walking the dogs. She explains that knowing that she is making a difference in another living creatures life is an important part of her day and she truly enjoys it more.)

 Deeply changed and I thank her for that! I’ll be listening to my body more often from now on.