Haunted–Kelley Armstrong

In past books we were introduce to a handful of side characters that never sounded like they would ever get their own books. Just helpful people on the sidelines to get the job of the main characters stuff done. One such person was necromancer Jaime Vegas. A 40-something sexy red head of a television starContinue reading “Haunted–Kelley Armstrong”

Twenties Girl–Sophie Kinsella

And keeping with the theme that I had going for a bit, which is apparently just magic in general and learning about different time periods, I came across this book for 50 cents and figured ‘What the hell’.      It was bizarre. But only because there was a talking ghost in it that forced aContinue reading “Twenties Girl–Sophie Kinsella”

What the Night Knows–Dean Koontz

You know how this book was freaking my freak? Well. It got worse. By the end of it I was practically demented with fear. (I should really stop reading after 9 pm.) It’s about a guy who is a copper, and 20 years ago he killed a man because he had murdered and raped hisContinue reading “What the Night Knows–Dean Koontz”