The Percy Jackson Series–Rick Riordan

I fucking love getting kids to read.

…maybe there shouldn’t be swearing in this since it’s a kids series…

Ah well. Too late.

Anywho. I’m going to do them all in one shot since you guys don’t need to read a second review of these books.

So I’ve read this book series before, I loved it, and I suggested that my mother buy my cousin Rick these for his birthday when he was like 8 years old. Finally he decided to read them since they weren’t over his head anymore (he started when he was 10 and just finished them.) and really, really enjoyed them.

Then he continued to tell me about them and ask me questions since he knew that I had already read them.

Well, I was neck deep in Christopher Lee’s book so I had no idea what was going on in the Lightning Thief when he started, so I decided to read these books with him and I’m so happy I did.

They are hilarious without being offensive, kid friendly while being relatable, and an adventurous good time without being bogged down by information about Greek Gods.

Overall, you kind of actually learn cool back stories that are myths and get to know the Greek Gods first hand as they turn up in the books.

The Lightning Thief starts off with Percy Jackson not knowing who he is and why monsters start showing up. Eventually he figures out who he is and makes his way to Camp Half-blood with the mission to rescue his mother from the Underworld.

The Sea of Monsters, Percy and his friends set out to find the Golden Fleece in order to save their camp and they have to head into the Bermuda Triangle.

The Titan’s Curse Percy, his friends, and Artemis’s Huntress gang are on a mission to find out who kidnapped the Goddess Artemis and get her back to the Council in time for the Winter solstice.

The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy and his friends head into Dedalus’s Labyrinth in search of Dedalus himself in order to find the one thing that will help them save the world from Kronos, who spends his time trying to rise to full power with the help of their old friend and new enemy Luke.

The Last Olympian, Kronos will finally rise, the Gods are in a battle and have abandoned Olympus in order to do so, and thus, left vulnerable. Percy and Camp Half-blood decide to defend it and epic battles ensue.

It’s such a good book series that not only did this kid, who didn’t read much before, enjoy them and finished the series within months, but he asked for the second book series of Rick Riordans that follows these characters while they are older. (The Heroes of Olympus.)

If you don’t have kids, read them for yourself, they are fun little books and it took me hardly any time at all to catch up to him.

And if you aren’t into Greek Gods, there’s his Kane Chronicles, which follow Egyptian.


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