The Art of Asking–Amanda Palmer

This book is the pinnacle of what I’ve been feeling lately. I hate asking for help, the shame kills me, my pride is exhausting, and I feel like the Fraud Police are constantly after me. Being an artist, a writer, or anything really, in the creative field (or actually life if you think about it)Continue reading “The Art of Asking–Amanda Palmer”

Keep Moving Forward: Hey sister, Soul sister.

I mentioned earlier this week that I’ve been doing some self love stuff. Now, I’ve been following the lights one of my friends is leaving on her path, I’m not sticking completely to her road since I like to make my own, and I know that following other peoples journeys isn’t mine, but here isContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward: Hey sister, Soul sister.”

Secret Chakra Names

Last week was the last of my beloved chakra classes (which explains why today I’m so grumpy since I didn’t get that weekly dance marathon like I’m use to. AND why yesterday I had this unexplained urge to exercise…) and since I’m such a self centered dweeb, instead of giving you a normal ‘To SayContinue reading “Secret Chakra Names”