Mockingjay–Suzanne Collins

My last review of this book two years ago was absolute fan girl to the max.             And it’s well deserved. The love, the friendships, the heartbreak, the world, everything, everything in this series is beyond my imagination and it was so beautifully written out that I can’t help but think that this woman isContinue reading “Mockingjay–Suzanne Collins”

Catching Fire–Suzanne Collins

Catching Fire’s last review was teeny tiny because I was so excited about this series that I didn’t want to give one ounce of it away. But upon second reading, and two years later, I can assume that you’ve read this and I can be just as fanatically excited about it as ever.             Let’sContinue reading “Catching Fire–Suzanne Collins”

The Hunger Games–Suzanne Collins

I. Friggin. Love. This. Book. I read this book two years ago, reviewed it as awesome (you can look back further for the exact post since I have no idea how to link them.) and told you the basic plot of this book. Well. After two years this book still holds up. I was excitedContinue reading “The Hunger Games–Suzanne Collins”

Catching Fire–Suzanne Collins

There is no possible way for me to tell you what happens in this book without giving anything away from the first one!     What a conundrum. I will tell you that this book had EVEN MORE plot twists than the last, that the characters are still amazing and this one is just as deeplyContinue reading “Catching Fire–Suzanne Collins”