The Devil’s Teardrop–Jeffery Deaver

Su-spense. This book starts out with someone taking a machine gun to a bunch of innocents in a mall. Quite obviously you realize this book is going to be a thriller and scare the hell out of you.             Special Agent Margaret Lukas has to call on a retired FBI document examiner Parker Kincaid inContinue reading “The Devil’s Teardrop–Jeffery Deaver”

Hell’s Kitchen–Jeffery Deaver

Well, this book was weird. It’s not usually what I get when I read a Jeffrey Deaver. I’m use to his character Lincoln Rhymes and the odd ways he figures crimes out and the giant mystery ending that always leaves me being like,”What in the Hell?! That was awesome!” The ending was still like that,Continue reading “Hell’s Kitchen–Jeffery Deaver”

The Cold Moon–Jeffery Deaver

Jeffrey Deaver is another of my go-to authors. I look for his books on the shelves in every bookstore I’m in, I tend to spend a short amount of time reading his books because they compel me to read faster. Their plots are always intense and forward and I enjoy the heck out of beingContinue reading “The Cold Moon–Jeffery Deaver”