This past week has been crazy with moving home and everything that comes with it. Which includes various family gatherings and outings and planning and shopping and general dog bothering. Poor Doomsday had a traumatic move. She isn’t a fan of planes, trains or automobiles, and now we can add van to her list ofContinue reading “Someday”

Spider Bones–Kathy Reichs

Snoozer. Snoozefest. Snooze-attack. I get it. You know medical terms. You know policies and procedures for running a forensic crime lab. You’re a Smarty Pants McGee. I get it. On the other hand, B-ORING. The plot would’ve been so interesting and exciting if she just calmed the hell down on the policies and procedures ofContinue reading “Spider Bones–Kathy Reichs”

Death Du Jour–Kathy Reichs

That’s right, I gave Kathy Reichs another chance. Maybe I shouldn’t have or maybe this was just another of her books that I was bound to not really like. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever read, but it certainly wasn’t the best. This book was all over the map with its plot and evenContinue reading “Death Du Jour–Kathy Reichs”

206 Bones–Kathy Reichs

     For a little while there I was dead set against Kathy Reichs and her books. I was upset that they weren’t like the show ‘Bones’ to which was made based on them. There is no Booth and Brennan lovefest or partnership and it was really making me angry for the first one of herContinue reading “206 Bones–Kathy Reichs”

Summer Book List Part 2

Since I’m still reading ‘Unbearable Lightness’ by Portia de Rossi I thought I would give up the rest of my summer book list. The rest of these books I’m sure will be great as some of them are by my favourite authors, some are from authors who have slighted me in the past with lessContinue reading “Summer Book List Part 2”