13–Kelley Armstrong

Holy. Mother. Of. Sanity.

This book was a rollercoaster of emotion, adventure, and worry.

You know when you reach the end of a series and you just know, you just know that the author is going to eviscerate all your loved ones? How could they ALL survive what’s going to happen? They can’t. They just simply can’t.

Everyone has already lost so, so much, and then this book comes along and it’s the end of the series. (Although Kelley has promised that she’s not done writing their adventures in short story compilations, graphic novels, or novellas.)

This book was by far the most brilliantly written of the lot. She tied everything and everyone together so wonderfully at the end that I felt like crying just from how great that was to see in writing.

Everyone is back, and the way she wrote out the chapters was exactly what I needed. She made sure you got to see everybody, say your goodbyes, see them at their best and their worst, and just all around action packed like they have never been before.

This was the most well formed “Goodbye” I’ve ever read of a series.

(Okay, it’s tied with Harry Potter, but you get what I’m saying.)

You not only get to hear from your favourite characters, but you get to hear from Kelley herself as she writes us a foreword and a final note. It was beautiful. Just beautiful.

So great, I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Constant vigilance.


Spellbound–Kelley Armstrong

Another Savannah-centric book, and I really loved it. I think I just understand where are her worries and fears come from and that makes me really get her.

Plus she is also sarcastic and sassy and doesn’t take anybodies shit, so I love that about her too.

Although she can hold her own, her best friend, and potential lover hopefully someday, Adam, is sticking by her side like glue.

The reason? Savannahs spells were taken away when she made the “terrible” mistake of wishing that she would give them up if it meant helping a little girl and her grandmother.

Doesn’t really sound like Savannah, but she’s growing as a person and showed signs of this sort of things early on in the last book. (She used to be a petulant child who thought sneakily torturing humans was funny because she was, quite obviously, superior to them.)

In this book, her spells have vanished which means that she needs to learn to fight without them. Hell, she needs to learn how to live normally without them because they aren’t showing any signs of coming back.

There is an oncoming storm afoot, all our favourites are in danger.

Stayed tuned for the final novel in the series.


Waking the Witch–Kelley Armstrong

Well, my my my, what do we have here?

A book about Savannah Levine?!?!! Wasn’t she just sitting around being a sassy kid while Paige tried to make sure she didn’t get kidnapped again?

Well, Savannah is a groooown woman and she can do whatever she wants. (Imagine I said that in Beyonces voice, not a creepy one.)

21 and still holstering her amazing powers like a weapon, she is trying to sneak under the radar of Paige and Lucas while they are on vacation and investigate a case all on her own. After Paige and Lucas opened up their PI firm (hiring Savannah as a receptionist) she decided she didn’t want to go to college, she didn’t want to move out, she didn’t want anything to change, so she stayed in the same place, doing the same stuff.

I can actually really relate to Savannah on this even though I’m 28 years old.

I fucking hate change. But I’m partial to adventure, so I get confused on what I really want sometimes.

Which is tolerable in a 21 year old, but not so much in a 28 year old…I really need to get my shit together…

Rambling. Okay. So Savannah is investigating a couple of murders and stumbles on to something way bigger than she could imagine, or handle on her own.

Thank God for her bestie hunky Adam, the fire half demon, for showing up to help her out, because her powers are going on the fritz.

This book also made me realize that Kelley Armstrong must have a thing for blondes because this is the third guy that is a big beefy hunky blonde man. (And certainly not the last.)


Constant vigilance! Hope you had a lovely family day weekend and a fantastic love day!

Frostbitten–Kelley Armstrong

Every time the werewolves come back I get super excited. I may or may not be completely in love with Clay.

Which would make him scowl and hate my guts if he was a real person. (There are probably some psychological issues of my own that I need to work out if I actually fall for people like that in real life.)

What I like the most about him is his love for Elena and how it’s so steady even when they are fighting. …So that really doesn’t lend to my theory that I have a problem then.

Plus I love that he’s sarcastic as fuck. He’s more of a kindred spirit than a potential love interest for me then.

…I realize what I’m writing sounds completely insane because he’s a fictional character, but these are the things I think about. So fuck off.

So, this book is about the pair of them hunting down mutts in Alaska. But not just mutts, crazy Russian mutts who are known rapists and sadists.

Not to mention there is a werewolf living in the woods with a wolf pack. A legit animal wolf pack, not just a werewolf pack.

And this crazy half man half wolf half bear (wait…that’s too many halves…) attacking things in the woods as well.

Shit gets crazy and I loved it.

Constant vigilance.


Living With the Dead–Kelley Armstrong

I’m a little late with things this week but here is “Living with the Dead”‘s review:

This was a weird turn of events.

Robyn Peltier, the lead of the book, is human.

Obviously I’m used to reading a K.A. book where the lead is a supernatural, but this was an interesting twist as you try to see how a human is seeing what is happening and how they write things off not as being supernatural, but that they must (they must) have a logical explanation for what just happened.

Robyn Peltier is accidentally involved in the murder investigation of a C-List celebrity who she is the PR rep for. “Accidentally” in that the cops think she did it.

However, there is more at play here, and I’ll be completely honest, this is my least favourite of the series but not because it wasn’t fantastic writing, great characters, or a great plot.

There is an “ick” factor to this one that you’ll see when you read it and I just can’t get over it.

Hope is back to help out her friend, as well as a begrudging Karl Marsten, there are clairvoyants, werewolves, chaos demons, necromancers, and ghooooOooosts involved in this one. And it was wonderful.


Constant vigilance.

Personal Demon–Kelley Armstrong

Hope Adams is a chaos half-demon.

She loves a good thrill, loves a good fight, and loves it when chaos vibes roll through her whenever hunky suave Karl Marsten, werewolf, is around.

I understand that I can make these book sounds incredibly insane and cheesy, but you don’t have to trust my writing, you have to trust Kelley Armstrongs.

Here is another example of exemplary writing and story telling.

We’ve met Hope before, we know what she’s like, and now we are getting a great adventure involving my favourite Cabal leader, Benecio ‘Kill You With A Thunder Bolt” Cortez, a gang of supernaturals looking to take down the Cabals, and the ever angry: Karl Marsten. With Hope at the forefront and trying to get a hold of her powers as they grow and sometimes debilitate her, we end up with a really fun book.

Great plot, great ending, just great, great, great.

Plus Hope continually puts Karl in his place whenever he gets out of line and I love that she’s always ribbing him.

Constant vigilance.


No Humans Involved–Kelley Armstrong

This might actually be my favourite of the series.

I like that Jaime Vegas is the lead of this and she’s trying to rally more interest in a tv show of her own.

More importantly, I dig that while she has a super power she is the first person to admit that she is not built for the front lines of battle. Not because she’s scared, but because she knows she will be a liability to the other supernaturals with superior fighting powers. They will be forced to protect her and that just doesn’t do.

The most she can do is take off her shoe and try to stab someone with the heel.

She’s glamourous, hilarious, and knows she is super sexy. Which makes it even funnier that she acts like a tween with a schoolgirl crush whenever the Alpha of the wolf pack is around her.

As always, great book, clever writing, and amazing characters.


Haunted–Kelley Armstrong

In past books we were introduce to a handful of side characters that never sounded like they would ever get their own books. Just helpful people on the sidelines to get the job of the main characters stuff done.

One such person was necromancer Jaime Vegas. A 40-something sexy red head of a television star who uses her powers to pad her starlet lifestyle on the medium circuit. The next two I never would have guessed would be rewritten into the books for one solid fact:

They died.

But what happens to us when we pass over? All supernaturals know that there is an afterlife, otherwise what are necromancers for?

In this book Eve Levine struggles with the prospect of giving up on the living world completely. Her daughter is still there after all. She wants, and needs, to make sure she is okay. With the help of Savannahs father, Kristof Nast, and Jaime Vegas, Eve tries to solve the puzzle of a century old serial killer who inhabits the bodies of women. A Nix she’s called and she loves her chaos, often leading both victims and hosts down a treacherous path of destruction.

The Fates have asked Eve to deal with it after already sending a handful of angels that have either been driven insane, thrown into alternate dimensions, or gone M.I.A.

Naturally Eve tells them where to stick it.

I enjoy how Kelley Armstrong has the ability to introduce her characters seamlessly and use the different voices of each character in such a way that you still enjoy the writing, but get new perspective each time. Eve is a little darker than the last few books because she was into dark magic, she was fine with killing someone as long as it was a means to an end or they were in her way and it was unavoidable. On the other side, she protected her daughter from this knowledge and she loves her kid and is motherly.

She always makes it interesting for us.

Constant vigilance!


Industrial Magic–Kelley Armstrong

Back with Paige Winterbourne, Lucas Cortez, and Savannah Levine, we are fighting Cabal red tape, an unknown serial killer, and the mystery of what the Hell Lucas is talking about half the time. That man loves his legal jargon.

Lucas, the rogue son of a Cabal leader, is trying to stay out of his fathers problems as much as he can. His girlfriend on the other hand, can’t help but get involved when it’s found that a young run away witch was one of the Cabal kids that this serial killer has targeted and tried to kill.

Battles ensue.

And this book is just a reminder that sweet sounding, fatherly Benecio Cortez, while using bodyguards and others to do his dirty work, is one bad ass mother fucker.

Nobody messes with his kids.

Constant vigilance!


Dime Store Magic–Kelley Armstrong

While I love Clayton Danvers (the hunky blond Southern werewolf who dislikes humans) I have a major crush on Lucas Cortez’s mind.

He’s described as “average” looking, but that guy can talk textbook to me anytime.

This book is about Paige Winterbourne, a short, curvy, twenty-three year old witch who is trying to fulfill her mothers dying wish of taking care of twelve year old Savannah Levine, an orphaned (after the last book, Stolen) teenage witch with more power than should be normal at her age.

Paige is fighting a custody battle from a previous captured supernatural, or so it would seem. In truth Paige is fighting a Cabal leader for custody of his only daughter that he hasn’t ever met.

Thrills up the wazoo, fun writing, and just all around great way to introduce the characters that have been woven in and out of the previous books with the weres.