Stolen–Kelley Armstrong

Humans aren’t in the know when it comes to supernatural beings. We are focused on the lore and the materialistic side of it: ie. What could powers DO for me? In the second of the Otherworld series we are back with the werewolves and Elena Michaels has been captured by a duel working team ofContinue reading “Stolen–Kelley Armstrong”

Bitten–Kelley Armstrong

We’ve met, so you know that I need to reread a series before I continue on with the latest book. Well, I haven’t read her two latest novels, and I have a slight problem: This series is 13 regular books long and in tow with those 16 short story filled books. And as I’m GooglingContinue reading “Bitten–Kelley Armstrong”

The Gathering–Kelley Armstrong

This entire book they are running away from the St. Cloud Corporation (a cabal, read her Otherworld series, you’ll know what I’m talking about) and the Nast Corporation (another cabal) . I don’t want to give away too much, but basically…Rafe falls out of the helicopter. Sorry! I know that was a total spoiler, butContinue reading “The Gathering–Kelley Armstrong”

The Calling–Kelley Armstrong

Okay, so I’ve already reviewed this one before, but I had to read it again since The Gathering came out and I never got around to reading it since I’m a super freak and have too many books calling my name. No pun intended. I’m glad that I read this one again because I completelyContinue reading “The Calling–Kelley Armstrong”

Spellbound–Kelley Armstrong

What the what!   Naturally, I should’ve read the rest of the series before this. Or at least I needed to because I’m so freakin’ forgetful I swear I have a small case of Alzheimers. I shouldn’t be allowed out in public anymore because of it.   Alas, I’m allowed out and have the privilegeContinue reading “Spellbound–Kelley Armstrong”

Summer Reading News

I’ve been noticing a lot of searches happening on my site for Rick Riordan and updates on what he’s doing. The easiest way to get this info would be to look on his website : But, since I’m a huge fan I’ll write about him anyway. He has a ton of new books outContinue reading “Summer Reading News”

Made to Be Broken–Kelley Armstrong

Naturally I snatched this book up once I was finished with Exit Strategy. I kind of wish that I waited because now I have nothing to look forward to. Oh waaaaaait, Mrs. Armstrong has a new book coming out April 2nd. ‘The Calling’! Yay! *insert chaotic cheering* Anyway, Nadia Stafford is back and more confusedContinue reading “Made to Be Broken–Kelley Armstrong”

Exit Strategy–Kelley Armstrong

As you know, I’m a huge Kelley Armstrong fan. I’m happy to announce that she did not disappoint in her exploration of a whole new world away from The Other World series. The Nadia Stafford books are about a hit woman who use to be a cop. As she struggles (mildly) with her identity sheContinue reading “Exit Strategy–Kelley Armstrong”

Horrified and Heartbroken

It’s finally happened…and if I had gone to her book signing on Friday like I planned than I would’ve known sooner, but I’ve finally found out that Kelley Armstrong is ending her ‘Otherworld’ Series. The final book will be called ‘Thirteen’ and I want to boo hoo all the way to the bookstore. It’s oneContinue reading “Horrified and Heartbroken”