Blood Magick–Nora Roberts

Once upon a time I didn’t care for this series. But after the build up of the 2nd book I needed to see how it ended.

Now, as I said, the first character I was introduced to was Iona and she was a chore, it was hard to relate to her.

Then came Meara, tough but loveable, I related to her and what she was fighting for. (Her loved ones.) I got where she was coming from with her avoidance and anger.

Now I read about Branna, the basic Matriarch to the O’Dwyer family in that she is the oldest of the new generation of cousins and in charge of all the plotting, spells, potions, and gathering of information. She’s the brains, brawn, and heart behind the entire operation.

While I can’t completely relate to the burden she bore, I can relate to the fact that she loved someone (Finbar Burke, where the hell does she get these names?)  and then lost them. I can relate to her gruff attitude and pushing people away.

Which is why I delighted in this particular novel. She was great, and her love interest was actually interesting, but it wasn’t forced and it wasn’t annoying to read. It was built up nicely. This is what the first book should’ve been like.

Overall, if you are looking for characters to stick with through a series, it’s not so bad. The story was okay, the writing was okay, just an okay series for the summer.


Love Story

Okay, so I thought long and hard about this for about 24 hours. Or five minutes, whatever, you don’t know my life!

I thought about all the lovely things I could do for you guys today, what books you should read, what you can do instead of being sad that you don’t have someone (if you don’t, I’m sure some of you do) and just generally trying to lift your spirits if they are down or enhancing them if they are already up.

I was going to do another Love Stories list, favourite quotes, all that jazz but then I really and truly searched my books, my soul, and my heart and thought there was only one love story that I think you should read this year. (No, it’s not Harry Potter. That’ll be the first shock since I’m always promoting the several different kinds of love stories in it from friendship to romance…okay, forget it, go read Harry Potter!)

But seriously, sure, you can read all the Jude Deverauxs you want, they are good love stories. (Hell, I’m reading Wild Orchid today.) But of all the love stories I’ve read and enjoyed there is one that is both friendship and romance rolled into one. Where the female isn’t perfect and the male isn’t some dirt bag with a heart of gold.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’ll tell:

Outlander. Diana Gabaldon.

That’s it. That’s my one and only suggestion for today. You go and get that book and I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down and you’ll even be happy that these characters are together and completely forget that you are alone. If you are. Like I said, some people have romantic entanglements today. Congratulations on finding your lobster.

Otherwise, don’t let the muggles get you down, go spend time with Jamie Fraser. We all need him in our lives. And Tom Hiddleston. Never forget Tom Hiddleston.

Seriously, I think I’m going to have an Avengers marathon tonight. Who needs a boyfriend when you have Loki?

Constant vigilance, love and light, be kind to yourself little ducks.

The princess–Jude deveraux

I pretty much have a trillion Jude deveraux books both on my kindle and in paper backs. (I blame Nikki because she introduced me to her and put all the books on my kindle for me! Lol)

This book was on my trip back home from Vancouver and was a fairly easy read. At first I thought I was reading a time warp one where a princess from the middle ages appears in the forties so for awhile I was confused as to why she had not mentioned that but it was on the “dust jacket”.

Turns out I just can’t read. The jacket said nothing about that and it was just a princess who lives in a medieval village that has not come into “modern” times. (even though I cannot read I still managed to get the 1940s time frame right)

I liked this one based solely on the fact that the princess was a stubborn jerk and she still managed to get a boy to love her.

That says something about me, doesn’t it? Haha

Ah well, it was a good book and as always the adventures were good and very few cheesy bits.

Constant vigilance.

The Raider–Jude Deveraux

It’s just as ridiculous as it sounds. Ridiculously awesome!

You may think that I have no taste because I read so many romance novels and they are predictable by nature. But honestly, Judes are the only ones that I find aren’t that predictable (as long as you don’t read too many in a row). Sure they always end up together, but the circumstances are always crazy and amazing!

The Raider is a time period one based in the times of ships and horses being the main transportation around the world. (Ie. I don’t remember what the actual time frame is, but the girls wore big dresses all the time and it was a scandal if they showed some leg.)

The basis of this is, that a Montgomery (my favourite family to read about after The Weasleys) dresses up in a black outfit with a mask, in order to save his hometown from the greedy presence of his brother-in-law.

This is early Jude at her best (meaning, around the 80s) and I enjoyed every second of it.

It was a Kindle read since I was in Vancouver at the time, and it actually didn’t take away from my experience like I always think it will when I’m reading on my Kindle.

Next up Jude’s ‘The Princess’.

Constant vigilance.