Book List Update

I’ve already started reading The Scent of Jasmine–Jude Deveraux last night and it’s promising to be just as good of a read as her past books. Also over the past week a few new books have come out that I am excited to read and I’m disappointed that are at the bottom of my readingContinue reading “Book List Update”

End of the Week Roundup

What a miserable looking day today. All that rain and wetness, blech! Although, for me, that means a perfectly good reason to stay inside and read instead of being forced out into nature…. to read, haha. We covered murder stories, knights of the round table and unfortunately couldn’t get through orc stories. But I amContinue reading “End of the Week Roundup”

Scarlet Nights–Jude Deveraux

This one sounds like a dirty one doesn’t it? Haha. You’re right, it was pretty dirty…well, by my standards anyway, which was like three sex scenes that made me laugh so hard I think my cousin thought I was having a hysterical breakdown. Scarlet Nights is part of the Edilean storyline and family lineage thatContinue reading “Scarlet Nights–Jude Deveraux”

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies–Seth Grahame-Smith

P and P and Z is awesomeness. It’s mostly the classic P and P, with a few zombies thrown in at appropriate times. I liked that Elizabeth cuts up zombies like it’s her job and her and her sisters are notorious zombie killers. It’s like Buffy meshed with P and P.

My Sisters Keeper–Jodi Picoult

I did not like this book one bit. I like her style of writing and she can write a good book, but the story made me want to throw this book across the room. Actually, I think I did when I got to the end. The ending was the biggest piss off of my lifeContinue reading “My Sisters Keeper–Jodi Picoult”

The Host–Stephanie Meyers

This book surprised me actually. I know that Stephanie Meyers is a world-renowned writer for the Twilight Legacy, but I really thought that she would be taking a break from brilliant writing and write a dud. But this lady managed to write a book that was even better than Twilight.One of my first science fictionContinue reading “The Host–Stephanie Meyers”

Odd Thomas-Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas is about a twenty-something year old boy who can see the dead. Unfortunately the dead can’t talk. All he sees are imprints of their souls and he has to figure out why they are there and help get them to where they belong on the other side. His girlfriend Stormy is among theContinue reading “Odd Thomas-Dean Koontz”

The Sookie Stackhouse Series

One of my favourite series is the Sookie Stackhouse novels’ by Charlaine Harris. I read them all a couple of summers ago and it only took me about a week. They are very good summer reads and you could take those light tiny books anywhere. They are about a girl named Sookie Stackhouse who endsContinue reading “The Sookie Stackhouse Series”

P.S. I Love You–Cecilia Ahern

Here is a writer who makes me want to punch her in the face because she makes me cry so much. I’ve read some of her other books and each and every one has made me cry. Definitely one of my top favourite writers because she writes how I think. I don’t know if IContinue reading “P.S. I Love You–Cecilia Ahern”

Days of Gold–Jude Deveraux

I loved this book. I’m a sucker for romances apparently. Jude writes in a way that isn’t cheesy or classic romance novels where it’s like reading porn. It’s just her telling a story of two people falling in love. Much like that ding-dong Nicholas Sparks, except that instead of people dying at the end, peopleContinue reading “Days of Gold–Jude Deveraux”