The Scent of Jasmine–Jude Deveraux

Dear Jude Deveraux: If you could stop writing books that are so amazing that would be great. I think all my friends think I’m a big loser for loving your books and I would appreciate it if the humiliation would stop. Thanks, Allison Alright, in all seriousness, naturally I fell in love with this book.Continue reading “The Scent of Jasmine–Jude Deveraux”

Days of Gold–Jude Deveraux

I loved this book. I’m a sucker for romances apparently. Jude writes in a way that isn’t cheesy or classic romance novels where it’s like reading porn. It’s just her telling a story of two people falling in love. Much like that ding-dong Nicholas Sparks, except that instead of people dying at the end, peopleContinue reading “Days of Gold–Jude Deveraux”