Made to Be Broken–Kelley Armstrong

Naturally I snatched this book up once I was finished with Exit Strategy. I kind of wish that I waited because now I have nothing to look forward to. Oh waaaaaait, Mrs. Armstrong has a new book coming out April 2nd. ‘The Calling’! Yay! *insert chaotic cheering* Anyway, Nadia Stafford is back and more confusedContinue reading “Made to Be Broken–Kelley Armstrong”

Exit Strategy–Kelley Armstrong

As you know, I’m a huge Kelley Armstrong fan. I’m happy to announce that she did not disappoint in her exploration of a whole new world away from The Other World series. The Nadia Stafford books are about a hit woman who use to be a cop. As she struggles (mildly) with her identity sheContinue reading “Exit Strategy–Kelley Armstrong”