The Bend in the Road–Nicholas Sparks

I needed this book after I read Marilyn Mansons book.  I needed to scrub my brain for awhile.  So this is (naturally) a romance about how a mans wife was ended in a hit and run, she was the love of his life and nothing will ever be the same.  Insert:  His kids hot teacher.Continue reading “The Bend in the Road–Nicholas Sparks”

Summer Reads

Hello Puny Humans: I have a pile of reviews building that go as far back as two summers ago. Yeesh. Here’s the thing with life: Stuff happens to you and then other things are forgotten about. These books weren’t one of those things, but reviewing them was. Typical me. But here you go! Time toContinue reading “Summer Reads”

The Longest Ride–Nicholas Sparks

More like The Longest Book. Okay, it wasn’t long, but MAN it dragged on. And I pretty much felt that everyone in this book behaved irrationally and idiotically. (Which is probably explains why I’ve never been in love.) They just ALL seemed to be doing stupid things. And don’t get me wrong, I love aContinue reading “The Longest Ride–Nicholas Sparks”

The Lucky One–Nicholas Sparks

Three words: Zac. Efrons. Butt.  That’s all I think about when I think of The Lucky One. (and we are, aren’t we?) What an ASS that guy has. I wish my butt were nearly as sexy as that. He must do squats or something…I think those Sleeping Beauty books have changed me.  After reading aContinue reading “The Lucky One–Nicholas Sparks”

Safe Haven–Nicholas Sparks

I love a good romance. I love a good mystery. And when you slapped those two things together with the face of Josh Duhamel, you sir, have a friggin winner. Okay, so obviously this book wasn’t based on Josh Duhamels face but after seeing a MILLION ads for it, it was hard to think ofContinue reading “Safe Haven–Nicholas Sparks”

The Rescue–Nicholas Sparks

Thank God for Nicolas Sparks. After reading that book on Ed Gein I needed some lighthearted love. I needed to scrub my brain with a romance. I needed to scrub my ever-loving SOUL with a romance. I read this IMMEDIATELY following Psycho. Like I literally tossed that book and grabbed this one like a securityContinue reading “The Rescue–Nicholas Sparks”