Odd Hours–Dean Koontz

Ah my love. My darling. I’ve hungered for youuur touch. A loooong lonely time. I missed Odd Thomas. He’s such a sweetheart!             He’s one of those characters that can take you through the story, take you through his world, and you just blindly follow him not minding that the story isn’t quite making senseContinue reading “Odd Hours–Dean Koontz”

To Say a Little Word…

Here’s Odd Thomas: “Things had happened this night that I had never experienced previously, moments of a supernatural nature that mystified me. They required a quality of reflection that I could not achieve while sprinting from mortal threat or verbally fencing with a sadistic police chief in a windowless room that resembled an abattoir.” OddContinue reading “To Say a Little Word…”

Odd Thomas-Dean Koontz

Odd Thomas is about a twenty-something year old boy who can see the dead. Unfortunately the dead can’t talk. All he sees are imprints of their souls and he has to figure out why they are there and help get them to where they belong on the other side. His girlfriend Stormy is among theContinue reading “Odd Thomas-Dean Koontz”