Work it Out: The Word “Diet’.

This year is the year I say ‘Goodbye’ to the word ‘Diet’. That word holds a lot more power than we think it does. What is a diet? A diet is a list of “Should’ and ‘Shouldn’t’. A diet is something to restrict yourself to. A diet is something you follow, PMS, and then everything is on fire and you don’t know how you ended up eating three bags of chips in a week, a jar of pickles, and a case of chocolate.

You black out and wake up in a stupor of “Oh shit. What did I do?”

And then I rip myself a new one, calling myself a failure, making myself feel like shit because I failed myself once again. It’s brutal. It’s a cycle I’m working on breaking.

At least that’s me. I tend to go on diets and think to myself “Well, I’ll just have ONE little bite” of the thing that diet says not to eat and then I’m down a rabbit hole looking like Gollum and swiping at anyone who tries to come near me.

So. This year I made a choice for my mental health (as well as my physical health) and decided I wasn’t going to diet anymore. Crash diets, juicing, cleanses, detoxes, any building that has the word “Herbal” in it is no longer for me. I don’t want to take “Herbals” anymore to help me lose weight faster. I don’t want to cut things from my life in order to lose weight.

I honestly, just want to stop thinking about losing weight in general.

I’ve added a lot of Body Inspirational women to my Instagram, I’ve gotten really into My Peak Challenge, I’ve started doing the grocery shopping in my house because then I’m in control of the goodies that come in. I’ve started cooking again.

I’ve taken a stand in a way. I’m in no way obese or a “health risk”. At least not according to how I feel in my own body recently. (Which thanks to doing MPC I feel a hell of a lot stronger. Yes. That was me patting myself on the back for getting my ass up.) I’m 5 foot 6, weigh 200 pounds (I’ve recently lost five. I expect more to get out of here because I’m currently menstruating and that usually means I’ve gained 5 pounds of pure water weight.) and have an addiction to coffee.

That coffee thing is really hard to beat when you work with kids, let me tell you. The 3 year old talks a mile a minute and it’s all I can do to keep up with his train of thought!


My point is: I’ve stopped dieting. And started planning. Which is it so fucking different from dieting let me tell you. I’m not starving, I’m not angry, I’m not looking for loopholes, sneaking fast food, or devouring carbs like a gremlin in the dark of the night.

‘Meal Plan’ sounds so much more positive than “Diet’. I mean, diet has the word ‘die’ in it. Come on.

But MEAL PLAN, dude, that’s a plan to eat meals. That sounds awesome! PLANNING TO EAT IS SO GREAT.

And some people will think that there’s barely a difference, because I’m still restricting certain foods. But I’m also trying to do intuitive eating, which is thinking about what I’m chomping on and how it makes me feel and my body feel. And let me tell you, pops are dead to me, certain candy is dead to me, I hate to say it, but potatoes are kind of dead to me (I’ll never give up on poutines though. NEVER.) and certain breads are goners too.

So that’s where I’m at this month with my working out and planning. It’s actually been really nice to be able to feel powerful again.

Do what you got to do for you, and you’ll only get stronger!

Keep moving forward!

Work It Out

Good morning!

Last month whizzed by and now here I am on the first of February thinking about what my new goals will be for the month. Because part of my New Year Resolution is to make new goals every month.

January goals went pretty well! I kicked my Tim Hortons habit! (Bye bye French Vanillas! *sobs*) I started a new workout regime to get to my newest goal: Fit into my Maid of Honour dress. I’ve been eating better, and better still, not getting on the scale three times a day to see if the salad I just ate made me lose ten pounds magically.

Now, since today is the beginning of a fresh month I’ve decided that I will weigh myself once a month now instead of every day to watch my progress.

Turns out: That was stupid of me.

I’ve been feeling really great in my body, I’ve been having less stomach problems, I’ve got more energy, feeling really great, feeling like I don’t really NEED the homemade cappuccinos anymore (even if they are only 90 calories). Just all around kicking ass!

Until I stepped on the scale. I haven’t lost any weight. At all. Which really bums me out because I SWEAR I was thinning out around my middle. I just had a mini flip out because WHAT THE HELL IS ALL THIS FOR IF I’M NOT LOSING WEIGHT WILL I FIT INTO MY DRESS WILL I EVER GET THE BODY I DREAM ABOUT HOW COME NO ONE LOVES ME IS IT BECAUSE I’M THIS GIANT PIECE OF —-

Whoa Nelly. Look, progress reports are important when you are trying to hit a goal. But to get on the scale and start berating myself after an entire month of happy happy joy joy was really surprising. I thought that I would be like “Ah well, better luck next month!” get off the scale and go about my day. But instead I was thrown back into an old habit and worse, an old way of thinking.

So my goals for this month are: Be kinder. (Yes, that’s the same as last month and should always be a goal.) Change my way of thinking of my body. Treat myself better. No scale until March 1st. Doing something nice for someone. Learn to say ‘No’ to things. (That’s a big one, I’m not what you would call well off financially and I keep saying ‘Yes’ to things I shouldn’t.) Stand up for myself at least once this month. And as ever: Practice piano.

That one is actually proving to be the hardest to get to.

Anyway, if you are wondering what my work out regime is currently, you can find it here:


I’m finding it to be so unbelievably doable, especially for anyone with a sedentary job or is new to working out. I also like that there is no “30 Day to a New You!” tag on it or anything like that. It’s a year long program that’s suppose to help you reach your own goals.

And it’s run by hot Scottish guys, so there’s that. I’m talking Sam Heughan from ‘Outlander’ is part of it. And it’s so nice to not be yelled at while working out, even from a video. Like they are laughing sometimes. Which makes me laugh! I love that!

Anyway, follow me on Instagram if you want to watch my stories on this program unfold.

It’s mostly me laying on a mat sweating my balls off praying to Beyonce to help me.

Keep moving forward!


Work it Out Wednesday

Hello fellow humans:

As you may have noticed (if you follow my Instagram stories or have seen me try to sit in a chair lately without making a sound) I have started the process of working out again.

Ugh. I’d be super annoyed, but I do this to myself. I genuinely forget to look after my own body because I spend my entire day worrying about someone else’s and then when I go home I’m too tired to do much of anything besides watch something on Netflix while I sew things for other people.

My body is one of the most neglected things in my life. Besides I guess my love life. But that’s a whole other story.

Anyway, once again, in an attempt to hold myself accountable I will be crying to you every Wednesday now in my newest series “Work it Out Wednesdays” where I will update my progress and talk about my new boyfriends.

Yes, that’s plural. And a joke.

My new boyfriends are my “trainer” John and Sam Heughan. You read that second name right. The guy who plays Jamie Fraser on ‘Outlander’. They have a program called ‘My Peak Challenge’ and they set you up for the whole year of meal planning and working out, including videos where you get to see Sam teasing John while they work out. It’s magical.

Especially since they are both Scottish, so it’s nice to listen to as well.

My progress report this week is: I’m sore, but it’s not too bad. And I actually look forward to working out every evening now because it’s a plan, and it’s for me. One of the only things I do that’s 100% for me. Which is nice. I’ve been holding onto my New Years Resolutions. I’ve faltered twice in one thing (which is the Tim Hortons, but I didn’t buy it, someone else did for me and I needed to see my friend and that’s literally the only place open passed 10 pm around here. And the kid didn’t eat his donut, and I was super hungry…) and a handful of times in the other (the piano, I can’t seem to find the right time to practice, so I’m moving the piano to the basement today in hopes of getting over my fear of playing with other people in the house.) and besides that I’ve stayed off the scale, which has been lovely. I’m not beating myself up every day three times a day.

I’ve also managed to not go on a diet, which has also felt great! I’m eating better and there’s not so much pressure to be perfect at something.

Anyway, I have to get to work, but I hope you are all having a great week and keeping hold of your resolutions!

(Also, my ‘Be kinder’ one needs some work. But hey, it’s a work in progress and that’s okay.)

Constant vigilance, keep moving forward!

Love Story

Okay, so I thought long and hard about this for about 24 hours. Or five minutes, whatever, you don’t know my life!

I thought about all the lovely things I could do for you guys today, what books you should read, what you can do instead of being sad that you don’t have someone (if you don’t, I’m sure some of you do) and just generally trying to lift your spirits if they are down or enhancing them if they are already up.

I was going to do another Love Stories list, favourite quotes, all that jazz but then I really and truly searched my books, my soul, and my heart and thought there was only one love story that I think you should read this year. (No, it’s not Harry Potter. That’ll be the first shock since I’m always promoting the several different kinds of love stories in it from friendship to romance…okay, forget it, go read Harry Potter!)

But seriously, sure, you can read all the Jude Deverauxs you want, they are good love stories. (Hell, I’m reading Wild Orchid today.) But of all the love stories I’ve read and enjoyed there is one that is both friendship and romance rolled into one. Where the female isn’t perfect and the male isn’t some dirt bag with a heart of gold.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’ll tell:

Outlander. Diana Gabaldon.

That’s it. That’s my one and only suggestion for today. You go and get that book and I guarantee you won’t be able to put it down and you’ll even be happy that these characters are together and completely forget that you are alone. If you are. Like I said, some people have romantic entanglements today. Congratulations on finding your lobster.

Otherwise, don’t let the muggles get you down, go spend time with Jamie Fraser. We all need him in our lives. And Tom Hiddleston. Never forget Tom Hiddleston.

Seriously, I think I’m going to have an Avengers marathon tonight. Who needs a boyfriend when you have Loki?

Constant vigilance, love and light, be kind to yourself little ducks.

Sizzlin’ Sixteen-Janet Evanovich

Vinnie has gambled away his life. What else could we expect from such a major league screw up?

   He’s lost his wife, his business gets torched, he gets kidnapped and Stephanie is set to find him.

Lucky for us, this book isn’t too serious. (Aren’t they all like that?)

Mooner is back and in what I think is the best thing to happen to these books, he’s setting up Hobbitcon in Trenton and it’s beyond hilarious what happens at the end.

Nerds unite! I love it!

   As always, funny, ridiculous in a not corny way, and makes me feel good. I love that these books are so easy to get through and I often use them as a palette cleanser after some particularly long and hard books.

Looking at you Diana Gabaldon.

I can’t stress enough to get into these. They are awesome.

Dragonfly in Amber–Diana Gabaldon

Screw you Diana Gabaldon you writing wizard you.

This book took me FOR-EVER to read. Or what feels like forever in my world, really it took like two weeks.

I still loved it, it was beautiful and you got to see Jamie and Claire try to live together and thwart the plans of Bonnie Prince Charlie while being his friend and confidante. Sneaky sneaky.

But by the end, because it took me so long to read, I just wanted it to be over! Which really depressed me because I love a good long book with characters that I really love and want to make babies with. ……heh heh.

       Then at the end she throws me a mother flippin’ curveball and I’m like dammit bitch! I wanted to read other books!!! Now I have to detox myself from these books and concentrate on others instead of just idly shutting the book and moving on!

I’m only a few books away from Voyager and it’s all I can think about right now.

Outlander–Diana Gabaldon

The post you’ve all been waiting for:

Hello new love of my life. Where has Jamie Fraser been my entire existence?! He’s my dream boyfriend! OH MA GAWD. (And I don’t spell things like that lightly so you know I’m genuinely having a nerdgasm over here.)


        For those of you who haven’t read them, they are about Claire Randall, a nurse from the 1940s that goes on a trip to rekindle her relationship with her husband Frank after World War II where they were separated, like most folks during the war.

Then Claire comes across these singing stones and is transported back in time to when Bonnie Prince Charlie was running around being a wang.

That’s not an accurate historical reference, but if you’ve read these books you’d think he was a wang too. Haha.

Anyway, she meets the hunky Jamie Fraser and thus my life is over and all men are ruined for me forever.

       I just want to live in this book forever wrapped in his ginger arms. That made it sound like his arms are made of ginger cloves…are they cloves? Roots?

Whatever, he’s a redhead! I have yet to meet a main character MALE that was a red head and have so many people mooning over him to me!

        Love. Just pure, pure, love.

To Say a little word…

Here’s Jamie and Claire:

“What is it, Sassenach?” he asked, laying a hand on my arm.

“Oh, nothing,” I said with a sigh. “Only thinking that I rather doubt anyone will ever describe me as ‘graceful as the wind’.”

“Ah.” His head was half-turned, the long, straight nose and firm chin lighted from behind by the glow of the nearest lantern. I could see the half-smile on his lips as he turned back toward me.

“Well, I’ll ye, Sassenach, ‘graceful’ is possibly not the first word that springs to mind at thought of you.” He slipped an arm behind me, one hand large and warm around my silk-clad shoulder.

“But I talk to you as I talk to my own soul,” he said, turning me to face him. He reached up and cupped my cheek, fingers light on the temple.

“And, Sassenach,” he whispered, “your face is my heart.”

Jamie and Claire Fraser, Dragonfly in Amber, Diana Gabaldon

And this is why all men are ruined for me. Jamie is one smooth S.O.B.