The House of Hades–Rick Riordan

Wwwweeell, Annabeth and Percy kind of sort of fell into Tartarus. Whoops. This is their battle to get out and close the Doors of Death while the team up top tries to find them and close it from the other side. As naturally, it has to be a team effort. Now, this book was brilliantContinue reading “The House of Hades–Rick Riordan”

The Mark of Athena–Rick Riordan

With Annabeth and Percy reunited, the gang on the Argo II is set to go back to the Roman camp and bring together the Greek and the Romans in peace after millennia’s of rivalry. Unfortunately chaos ensues and they are forced to run. They set out on a quest to follow the Mark of AthenaContinue reading “The Mark of Athena–Rick Riordan”

The Son of Neptune

Heyo, I forgot to post yesterday! Here we are! Percy is back! I love myself some sarcastic and heroic Percy Jackson sass. Percy, like Jason in the first book, wakes up in the wrong place and doesn’t remember who he is. The only thing he remembers is Annabeth. He loves her and has to getContinue reading “The Son of Neptune”

The Lost Hero–Rick Riordan

A new series from Rick Riordan where it’s meant for teens and young adults. This is a spin off from his Percy Jackson series and it introduces a boat load of new characters. We start off with Jason, a demigod who has lost his memory dropped into the middle of a school for “bad kids”Continue reading “The Lost Hero–Rick Riordan”

The Percy Jackson Series–Rick Riordan

I fucking love getting kids to read. …maybe there shouldn’t be swearing in this since it’s a kids series… Ah well. Too late. Anywho. I’m going to do them all in one shot since you guys don’t need to read a second review of these books. So I’ve read this book series before, I lovedContinue reading “The Percy Jackson Series–Rick Riordan”

The Son Of Neptune–Rick Riordan

As you know, I was really excited to continue on with this series. This one was everything the other one promised, thrilling, fun and most of all, a perfect second novel in the series. Rick Riordan does a great lead up to the implied third book and I can’t wait until it comes out. InContinue reading “The Son Of Neptune–Rick Riordan”

The Lost Hero–Rick Riordan

I’ve become a huge fan of Rick Riordan. I’ve read his Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, his Kane Chronicles and now his Heroes of Olympus…saga… ? Well, I haven’t completely finished that last one, but The Son of Neptune is next on the list. I have, however, finished reading The Lost Hero and I’veContinue reading “The Lost Hero–Rick Riordan”

The Throne of Fire–Rick Riordan

The Kane siblings are trying to find Ra so that they can protect the universe (not just the world) from Apophis. That’s the entire gist of the book. They’ve recruited other magicians and now have a small army of people that are learning magic from them.       I liked this one better than the first,Continue reading “The Throne of Fire–Rick Riordan”

The Red Pyramid–Rick Riordan

In his new book series ‘The Kane Chronicles’, Rick Riordan receives a recording from two adolescents, Carter and Sadie Kane, 14 and 12, after they have found that they are descendants of ancient Egyptian pharaohs (Narmer and Ramesses the Great). They discover all this because after years of Carter being toted around the world withContinue reading “The Red Pyramid–Rick Riordan”