2015 Reading Challenge

Happy Friday little birds! As you can see, no videos. I think I’m going to give up on the attempt for now. My computer has decided it doesn’t want to make them and has declared I have no camera attached. (Lies.) And I keep deleting what’s on my phone. I am not tech savvy. Haha.Continue reading “2015 Reading Challenge”

Good morning!

This week I launched my new Etsy store! Sounds more glamorous than it was. But now you can buy my cross stitches or just stalk me even further! Check it out at: DerangedLibrarian Order some stuff or email me about a custom, or hell, I’ll even cross stitch you a nerdy bookmark just because we’reContinue reading “Good morning!”

Blurt Alert

Dobby is freeeeeee!!!! I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. *happy dance* This week was so lovely and cleansing! Admittedly, I cheated and looked at Facebook and texting because I’m planning a trip home and trying to coordinate with people so it made it difficult to cut it all out completely. BUT I think I bustedContinue reading “Blurt Alert”

Technology Blues

I’m having a hard time getting up the gumption to read Christopher Paolini’s book ‘Eragon”. Once I start I’m totally fine, but I only make it a few pages before I distract myself. The most annoying thing is that it’s not a bad story. I like where it’s going, but for some reason my handsContinue reading “Technology Blues”