Finger Lickin’ Fifteen–Janet Evanovich

This one I actually remember off the top of my head! Maybe because I made myself really angry or whatever, but this one was a step above the rest of her books. It was really funny. It starts out with Lula witnessing a murder. Someone gets their head cut off right in front of herContinue reading “Finger Lickin’ Fifteen–Janet Evanovich”

Plum Spooky–Janet Evanovich

This one I went into pretty peeved at Janet. But in all honesty, I should’ve been mad at myself because I really should know how to read at this point. But when it comes to dust jackets and whatnot, I’m a skimmer.     I’m assuming that at some point I “read” that it wasn’t necessaryContinue reading “Plum Spooky–Janet Evanovich”

To Say a Little Word…

Here’s Lula with the weather report: “It don’t sound like wind. I know wind when I hear it. This is talkin’. The trees are watching us and saying things. I got a feeling going down the back of my neck that’s like a death crawl. If I had gonads they’d be so far up inContinue reading “To Say a Little Word…”

Between the Numbers

This week I had the displeasure of discovering a little known fact about books. That the books that are in between the normal series are kind of important. I was happily reading along with one of my favourite series (Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books) and it gave away a massive spoiler! I was reading  ‘FingerContinue reading “Between the Numbers”