This Savage Song–Victoria Schwab


With joy. 

This book was soooooo fucking good. This was one of my OwlCrate books, and honestly, I’m so glad I got that box every month for awhile because it’s given me some of my favourite books. 

And this time it gave me a book series. Which was accidental. I didn’t realize (classic) that it was going to be a series and was like ‘Wait, what?!” at the end because it didn’t end where I thought it was going  to and left me wanting so much more. And then it was all “We’re a series!” and I’ve never been so happy since. (JK. JK. JK.)

But seriously over the moon about it being a series I can keep up with.  

A YA novel about humans and monsters co-existing in a sense. 

This was a beautiful tale of good and evil and how to fight the good fight while living in the grey area. 

It’s fucking Romeo and Juliet with monsters and it’s sooo fucking good. 

Talk about fan girl feels.

V for Vendetta–Alan Moore and David Lloyd

       V for Vendetta is my favourite movie, has been for years, I’ve adored V for what seems like a ten years. But I never got around to buying the graphic novel or reading it.

    Finally, I found some money and forked it over. I’m really glad that I did because this was just as good as the movie. There were, obviously, some parts in there that weren’t in the movie and they changed a few things in the movie that made sense to. But all in all it was still a good read and I still love V. Perhaps even more now than I did before.

        He kind of reminds me of my brother.

Definitely check it out, it’s a great book and an amazing movie.

“All the world’s a stage…and everything else…is vaudeville.”–V

The Road–Cormac McCarthy

A story about a father and son in a post apocalyptic world where they are fighting for their lives and trying to find other living people in an otherwise deserted earth. Amazing right up until the end.

Truly a  lovely book. The last book that I felt was lovely like this was Water for Elephants, or Burning Bright. Nothing too special about the story, the writing or anything, just simple and elegant. It’s just something that you feel when you read these things. Like they could happen to you.