Why Not Me?–Mindy Kaling

As I’ve said before: Mindy is my spirit animal.

I had a theme going for a short time where I was reading books by thoughtful but filthy minded and mouthed women who tell it like it is and actually connected with me on a level some authors never reach with me.

Mindy always gets through because she isn’t ashamed to speak her mind.

I’m so grateful that someone like her exists to help me out of whatever self sabotaging stage or made up stage I’m in. Where I’m just going around and around in circles and finally there is someone to knock some sense into me.

This book is all about her life and her motto “Why the Fuck not Me?”. I love her writing and her stories, which made me fall in love with that phrase.

What on Earth makes me think that anyone is better or worse at something than me?

Why shouldn’t I be the one pursuing my dream of the week, month, or year. And why do I always let the naysayers and my inner naysayer bowl me over with their negativity thus leaving me where I started? None the wiser and with zero progress in my life.

Mindy takes you into her arms like a wise majestic creature from another universe and whispers in your ear in a deep Batman voice: “Why the fuck not you?”

I adore her and this book and can’t wait for more from her.


KMF: What the Winter.

Hey there.

I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to write to you about because it’s been awhile since I’ve done a Keep Moving Forward. I’m trying to get myself back in the habit of writing on a schedule. And thinking about things that have bothered me lately, things that have stuck out, and attitudes that have bummed me out.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty I could go on about, but I don’t want to be negative today.

At least, I’m going to try. It’s been a brutal and weird month with the weather being a fickle bitch and I’m finding that’s making ME a fickle bitch.

I’m so over snow. I’m ready for sunshine and light jackets and jumping in mud puddles and racing around the backyard with Daryl and watching as he completely delights in the spring weather. We get outside more in the spring and that’s so important for both of us.

I’ve been struggling for a while getting motivated to do anything. Including reading. Which sucks the hardest I think. I’ve read a handful of stuff that was decent lately, but my brain still isn’t at top notch levels for anything more complicated than this dumb dumb ‘Dollhouse’ book I got at a thrift store by the Kardashians.

I need Spring to be here. I just need it. Everything will be alive again. Including me.


That was my face on Saturday when I woke up to find MORE snow.


Keep moving forward. And hopefully Spring will show up soon.

To Say A Little Word…

Here’s Tyrion Lannister after telling the story of his marriage’s demise to Bronn the sellsword:

After a time he heard the noise again, the rasp of steel on stone as Bronn sharpened his sword .

“Thirteen, thirty or three, I would have killed the man who did that to me.”

Tyrion swung around to face him. “You may get that chance one day. Remember what I told you. A Lannister always pays his debts.” He yawned . “I think I will try and sleep. Wake me if we’re about to die.”