Plum Lucky–Janet Evanovich

I love Grandma Mazur. And she sure loves robbing leprechauns. Okay, so he wasn’t a real leprechaun, he was just a guy in green pants…  OR WAS HE?!  Nobody knows. On the other hand, she didn’t exactly rob him. It was more they just got into a tussle over a giant bag of money andContinue reading “Plum Lucky–Janet Evanovich”

Smokin’ Seventeen–Janet Evanovich

Since the business was blown up the gang has been using Mooner’s RV as their main headquarters for the bonds agency.  Which causes some serious stress for everyone involved. Especially Connie. The biggest problem? Dead bodies are showing up in shallow graves in the parking lot where they are rebuilding. Fingers are being pointed atContinue reading “Smokin’ Seventeen–Janet Evanovich”

Finger Lickin’ Fifteen–Janet Evanovich

This one I actually remember off the top of my head! Maybe because I made myself really angry or whatever, but this one was a step above the rest of her books. It was really funny. It starts out with Lula witnessing a murder. Someone gets their head cut off right in front of herContinue reading “Finger Lickin’ Fifteen–Janet Evanovich”

Plum Spooky–Janet Evanovich

This one I went into pretty peeved at Janet. But in all honesty, I should’ve been mad at myself because I really should know how to read at this point. But when it comes to dust jackets and whatnot, I’m a skimmer.     I’m assuming that at some point I “read” that it wasn’t necessaryContinue reading “Plum Spooky–Janet Evanovich”

Fearless Fourteen–Janet Evanovich

Joe Morelli inherited his house from his aunt and apparently his cousin is a little more than miffed at him for it. There are rumours of hidden treasure in Joe’s house, yard, and surrounding area of roughly 9 million dollars.  Hilarity ensues as always and I was happy to keep reading this next installation.  IContinue reading “Fearless Fourteen–Janet Evanovich”

Between the Numbers

This week I had the displeasure of discovering a little known fact about books. That the books that are in between the normal series are kind of important. I was happily reading along with one of my favourite series (Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum books) and it gave away a massive spoiler! I was reading  ‘FingerContinue reading “Between the Numbers”

Twelve Sharp–Janet Evanovich

Ranger has a wife! Ranger has a wife! Ahhhhh!!!!!!! Yeah. I said it. Ranger goes M.I.A. in order to solve a case, then his wife shows up claiming that he took all her money, took everything he ever gave her and ditched. Doesn’t sound like Ranger right? The guy who keeps giving Stephanie help andContinue reading “Twelve Sharp–Janet Evanovich”

Eleven on Top–Janet Evanovich

In Eleven on Top Stephanie decides that enough is enough. She’s sick of being a bounty hunter, having things explode around her, getting shot at and overall being signed up to die on every gang, mob, and Mafioso’s black list. So she tries her hand at some new jobs. There’s a “ghost” trying to killContinue reading “Eleven on Top–Janet Evanovich”

Ten Big Ones–Janet Evanovich

Sexy times. Sexy times. Steph is running away from gangs in this one. Okay, that’s not the sexy part. The sexy part is that the only hideout she’s managed to be safe in is Rangers apartment. (That he allegedly doesn’t know she’s staying in.) Not even Morelli can keep her hidden so well. Ten BigContinue reading “Ten Big Ones–Janet Evanovich”

To The Nines–Janet Evanovich

This book was about Stephanie Plum, the bounty hunter, and searching for a missing person. Vinnie, her boss and cousin, has lost a Visa bond person and needs Steph’s help to find them. And Rangers. (Whoohoo! I love Ranger. Ranger gives me hot flashes. Haha. Although, Morelli makes me fan myself like a damsel inContinue reading “To The Nines–Janet Evanovich”