The Rules According to JWowW–Jenni Farley

Guys…I know you know me in a sense. You know I read these types of books out of sheer curiosity and a sickness that I can only justify as “I need to know why this person thinks they can write a book and how on earth did it get published and who the hell readsContinue reading “The Rules According to JWowW–Jenni Farley”

Paddle Your Own Canoe–Nick Offerman

If Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal, Nick Offerman is my disgruntled guardian angel. He has a special way of speaking and writing that is so inviting I’m looking forward to his other works. This book is so chock-full of wisdom that you come away a better person. Or at the very least, with someContinue reading “Paddle Your Own Canoe–Nick Offerman”

Keep Moving Forward

Today I want to talk about hope. It seems to me that everyone I know is going through a rough time this year while I sit around holding onto my light beam of hope in the future and try to make them see the light too while also not letting my hope dwindle as everyoneContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”