The House of Hades–Rick Riordan

Wwwweeell, Annabeth and Percy kind of sort of fell into Tartarus.


This is their battle to get out and close the Doors of Death while the team up top tries to find them and close it from the other side. As naturally, it has to be a team effort.

Now, this book was brilliant in that it involves Nico di Angelo more, someone from the original series who has been in and out of our lives, he knew about both camps and kept it to himself for the safety of everyone, he can raise the dead, he can shadow travel, he can command hellhounds.

And the kid is just plain old cool to me.

He’s been one of my favourite characters since we met him early on where he was obsessed with a card game called Mythomagic. He was bouncy and exuberant but as he grew so did his darkness.

Nico was hiding many secrets, not the one where he was trapped in a time warping casino since the 40s, but the one where he wasn’t in love with Annabeth, but he was in love with Percy.

This is the first gay character I’ve read in a teen series! (As far as I’m aware.)

And the best part of it is that while Nico is ashamed and scared to reveal this about himself because he was born in a time where it was seen as a bad and shameful thing, when he DOES tell someone about it, they act like a person should and treat him with respect and kindness and show that it really isn’t a big deal, they are still themselves and just because you like someone of the same sex doesn’t mean you are a freak or any less a member of the team.

You still matter.

Rick Riordan is so good at writing and including everyone without making it seem forced or like he has an agenda, because I don’t think he does. He’s just writing about PEOPLE being people.

I love these books. I’m so happy.

Constant vigilance.


The Mark of Athena–Rick Riordan

With Annabeth and Percy reunited, the gang on the Argo II is set to go back to the Roman camp and bring together the Greek and the Romans in peace after millennia’s of rivalry.

Unfortunately chaos ensues and they are forced to run.

They set out on a quest to follow the Mark of Athena that Annabeth carries and to shut the Doors of Death so that their enemies stop resurfacing.

I love Annabeth and Percy together, they balance and feel like a real, healthy couple. (Unlike the likes of stalkery Twilight.)

The best part of this series is that, although there are couples and these are written for teens, that the love stories aren’t the main focus. They advance the story in certain ways, they show bonds, but mostly it’s about teamwork, friendship, and caring for one another.

It’s not all solely focused on people falling in love, declaring it, and then everything goes to Hell in a handbasket and every one is all angsty and poo poo heads.

I realize that was really immature.

Riordan writes real people dealing with unreal situations and manages to pull it off in a wonderful way that not just teens can relate to.

Love this series.

Constant vigilance.


The Lost Hero–Rick Riordan

A new series from Rick Riordan where it’s meant for teens and young adults. This is a spin off from his Percy Jackson series and it introduces a boat load of new characters.

We start off with Jason, a demigod who has lost his memory dropped into the middle of a school for “bad kids” holding hands with his girlfriend Piper and next to his best friend Leo.

I really like this newer series, things get a little more serious, a little more in depth on the Gods of Olympus and how they came to be.

As usual, the writing is really great, the characters are really funny and interesting, and the storyline is a good move on the authors part and it works.

You get to see Camp Half-blood from the perspective of new characters who are older, which means that they do get a little more angst-ridden, but they weren’t annoying about it.

Jason is trying to figure out who he is and why he’s ended up in a place where he doesn’t feel like he fits in, Piper is trying to find out who her God parent is while trying to hide who her human father is, and Leo is just trying not to set any fires.

Smart, funny, great for older kids who have read the Percy series since the old characters are still around and it’s like being greeted by old friends.


Happy Monday!

Hey Little Birds!

Naturally, I’m behind on writing my book reviews, ‘Looking for Alaska’ was the last one I wrote about, but I don’t have a new one written because I have this bad habit of writing like 10 in one shot and then I don’t have to write any more for a long time and every once in awhile…like every ten weeks, I miss one because I’m like ‘Ugh! I don’t even remember reading that book or the feelings it gave me!”. SO I have to jog my memory and whatnot.

So instead, I thought that I would just update you guys on the happy happs that are going on these days.

1.) I’m happily editing my friends book (if you would like me to edit something of yours email me at and it’s giving me so many feelings about feelings and life! Mainly, helping me cope with my own anxiety, self love, and forgiveness of treating myself badly for my faults.

2) She’s asked me to write the foreword! Which is magical to me! No one has ever asked me to do something like that before! So I’m very excited about that and can’t wait to start!

3) I’m trying to throw gratefulness around like it’s confetti and I recently tossed a bunch on my singing teacher because it was her birthday and I am genuinely grateful for the confidence and help she’s given me. If I could choose someone who started the self love and confidence training, it was her. She taught me to harness my magical unicorn voice powers and to appreciate that I’ve been given the gift of a lovely voice. (I used to blush and mutter something like ‘Yeah right.” whenever she told me I had a beautiful voice. Now I blush and say ‘Thank you’. And sometimes ‘I know!’ haha.)

4) I’m thinking that every once in awhile I will make my Keep Moving Forwards into a video because sometimes instead of reading it, I think you guys need someone to genuinely yell it at you. And since my videos for this one project I was working on aren’t working out the way I want them to, I’ll be posting a video this Thursday for KMF. Even if I look like a bag of crap.

5) I’m starting a new diet today, so you might get some grumpy posts about body image and how dieting is the Devil. Mostly I feel more energized already.

And I think that’s it for this coming week!

I should’ve just written the post about ‘The Lost Hero’. It would’ve been shorter. Haha.

Happy Monday!


The Percy Jackson Series–Rick Riordan

I fucking love getting kids to read.

…maybe there shouldn’t be swearing in this since it’s a kids series…

Ah well. Too late.

Anywho. I’m going to do them all in one shot since you guys don’t need to read a second review of these books.

So I’ve read this book series before, I loved it, and I suggested that my mother buy my cousin Rick these for his birthday when he was like 8 years old. Finally he decided to read them since they weren’t over his head anymore (he started when he was 10 and just finished them.) and really, really enjoyed them.

Then he continued to tell me about them and ask me questions since he knew that I had already read them.

Well, I was neck deep in Christopher Lee’s book so I had no idea what was going on in the Lightning Thief when he started, so I decided to read these books with him and I’m so happy I did.

They are hilarious without being offensive, kid friendly while being relatable, and an adventurous good time without being bogged down by information about Greek Gods.

Overall, you kind of actually learn cool back stories that are myths and get to know the Greek Gods first hand as they turn up in the books.

The Lightning Thief starts off with Percy Jackson not knowing who he is and why monsters start showing up. Eventually he figures out who he is and makes his way to Camp Half-blood with the mission to rescue his mother from the Underworld.

The Sea of Monsters, Percy and his friends set out to find the Golden Fleece in order to save their camp and they have to head into the Bermuda Triangle.

The Titan’s Curse Percy, his friends, and Artemis’s Huntress gang are on a mission to find out who kidnapped the Goddess Artemis and get her back to the Council in time for the Winter solstice.

The Battle of the Labyrinth, Percy and his friends head into Dedalus’s Labyrinth in search of Dedalus himself in order to find the one thing that will help them save the world from Kronos, who spends his time trying to rise to full power with the help of their old friend and new enemy Luke.

The Last Olympian, Kronos will finally rise, the Gods are in a battle and have abandoned Olympus in order to do so, and thus, left vulnerable. Percy and Camp Half-blood decide to defend it and epic battles ensue.

It’s such a good book series that not only did this kid, who didn’t read much before, enjoy them and finished the series within months, but he asked for the second book series of Rick Riordans that follows these characters while they are older. (The Heroes of Olympus.)

If you don’t have kids, read them for yourself, they are fun little books and it took me hardly any time at all to catch up to him.

And if you aren’t into Greek Gods, there’s his Kane Chronicles, which follow Egyptian.


Constant vigilance!

The Serpent’s Shadow–Rick Riordan

The last book in the Kane Chronicles and it was really good. It finished in a surprising way and although some things I thought shouldn’t have happened, I’m kind of glad they did. It was weird, but cute.

Anyway, since I can’t tell you what I’m talking about there I’ll tell you this:

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the books to begin with, but I really do like coming back to books where I know the characters. It gives me this feeling of nostalgia and comfort that I don’t have to learn a million new names, dates, and places.

Although I wasn’t really into the Egyptian Gods in the last two books (I believe it was because I was also reading the Percy Jackson books too close to these ones.) this one really got me. I really enjoyed it and it’s definitely something I recommend for preteens and teens.

The Kane siblings are fighting for the world once more and Apophis is trying to obliterate the entire universe with his chaos. (Literally turning it into a black hole where nothing survives.) Sadie and Carter have to save the Gods, their friends, and their family. Not to mention the loves of their lives.

Well-written, well thought out, great characters and lots of historical figures that I thought were funny and represented hilariously and respectfully at the same time.


Summer Reading News

I’ve been noticing a lot of searches happening on my site for Rick Riordan and updates on what he’s doing. The easiest way to get this info would be to look on his website :

But, since I’m a huge fan I’ll write about him anyway. He has a ton of new books out this year and a movie next year! (Helllloooo, Nathan Fillion as Hermes in The Sea of Monsters. Love it.)

So Mr. Riordan actually has a new book out today! The Serpent’s Shadow is another in his Kane Chronicles and I’m happily going to pick it up at the bookstore!

Next up is a part of his Heroes series: The Demigod Diaries is out August 14th, 2012. It’s short stories, but I’ll be happy to read it nonetheless.

After that, this champion of writing, has The Mark of Athena coming out this fall of 2012. And I’m so stoked for it you have no idea.

And finally, after scouring his website I just discovered that the man has a bunch of books out for adults dating back to the 90’s. Heeellllllloooooo summer reading! Should make for a good time.

In other book news another of my favourite authors has a book out today: Charlaine Harris. Yes, you read me correctly, even after the icky-icks of her last series I will continue on with her Sookie Stackhouse books. Deadlocked is out today!!! Whoot whoot!

(Did I also mention that Kelley Armstrongs book ‘The Calling’ just came out as well? I’m four books away on my reading list and can’t wait…)

Those four books are the Game of Thrones series…so I won’t be seeing that one for weeks. And she has yet another book out this summer (July) called ‘Thirteen’. Very exciting stuff this year! At least for me…haha, all my favourite authors are coming out with new stuff. AH! I almost forgot, how embarrassing for me the biggest J.K. Rowling fan ever. Pottermore is open! AND she has a new coming for adults September 27th 2012 called The Casual Vacancy.

What’s on your summer reading list?