Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince–J.K. Rowling

Were you under the impression that I would stop reviewing these?

I laugh at your naïveté!

I was reading this while being trapped in the land of Trainspotting, my brain was in shambles, my spirit was low and I couldn’t find a book in sight that could hold my attention for more than thirty seconds. I put down probably six books before I picked this one back up. It seemed fitting since the last time a book (and I think it was still Trainspotting) busted up my noodle I turned to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

C.S. Lewis once said “It is a good rule after reading a new book, never to allow yourself another new one till you have read an old one in between.” I think that’s a good idea, but since I have a reading list that outstretches my lifespan I don’t always listen to that advice.

But man oh man was he right this time. Reading Harry Potter is that feeling of coming home after a long hard day. That feeling of being curled up in front of a movie with hot chocolate. That feeling of being snuggled up with your pets. That soul filling feeling of complete and utter calmness that I get from meditation, singing, and painting all in one.

I’m over selling this again, aren’t I?

HP and HBP may be sad, we lose a beloved character and the wizarding world is in turmoil, but it’s still home and I’m always glad to be back.


Healing Practices

As you know, my brain has been broken since I read Trainspotting. I think it was a little broken before that actually, I was too excited about going home for a bit that I couldn’t concentrate on one thing at all. I put down like four books, Trainspotting was the only one that was interesting to me at the time and then that just crushed my soul.

So, as everyone should do when they are having trouble getting back into reading, I started reading an old favourite : Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

It’s been a real joy to see all my old friends again! (Yes. I consider them my friends and family. I’m allowed to do that because I’m awesome.)

My brain is healing…but my heart is sick. Because I know what is going to happen in the next few chapters. I’m reaching the end, you see. I stayed up so late reading it (the sign of a truly amazing book even if you’ve read it a thousand times. It can still suck you in for hours making you shrug off the need for sleep.) and I’ve reached the point where things are about to get real.

Real Sirius, if you will. (Play on words! My favourite!)

Now I’m debating whether I would like to completely debilitate myself for the rest of the day or if I should stop now, leave things where they lie. Pretend that Sirius lived happily ever after and nothing bad ever happens again to my trio.

…who are we kidding. I’m going to spend the next few hours bawling.

Constant vigilance!