Body Positive Power–Megan Jayne Crabbe

I took my sweet time reading this book. I’d say about six months just because I wanted those lessons she was teaching in her book to really sink in.  Now, I can’t remember word for word what she said, but the feeling of this book really resonates with me even still and I find itContinue reading “Body Positive Power–Megan Jayne Crabbe”

How to Be a Bawse–Lilly Singh

Everyone should read this as a teenager.  It tells you important things on self confidence and what really matters in life.  I liked reading Lilly’s journey on being a YouTube star. (Which, if you haven’t seen anything she’s done: GO. Watch. She’s hilarious.)  She has some fantastic stories. And that’s all I’ve really got forContinue reading “How to Be a Bawse–Lilly Singh”

Happy V-Day!

Okay ladies now let’s get in formation. Cuz we slay. Another year single, another year ready for a pringle. Am I right? Look, there are only so many ways that I can try to make you feel better about being single with me. Over the years I have written about what not to do toContinue reading “Happy V-Day!”

Keep Moving Forward: Valentines Day

Let’s talk about the international day of love that’s coming up, shall we? Every year people get either all gooey eyed over it or up in arms. I used to be up in arms with the troops of bitter people and all like “Boohoo, I have no one.” To quote Dwight Schrute: “False.” I’m runningContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward: Valentines Day”

Keep Moving Forward

I have never been shy about how much I weigh. Even when I was getting close to 200 pounds I still didn’t care if people knew that I was that “heavy”. (197 bitches.) I still have a sparkling wit and beautiful face so the number didn’t really matter to me. The fat jiggle on theContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”

Keep Moving Forward

Dear Scale: I can no longer be your friend. You were fun while I watched my weight decline and we laughed together about how my beautiful body was becoming even more beautiful and strong. But you’ve turned on me recently and I can no longer support our friendship as you have made me into aContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”