Summers Read Part 2

I’m backed up. Not…not in the bowel department. I don’t know why I feel like I needed to clarify that when you’ll see in a minute that I mean book reviews. Either way. Here we are. In The Woods–Tana French This book was total trickery.  In that I didn’t realize it was a series. IContinue reading “Summers Read Part 2”

Hamlet–William Shakespeare

Since watching Doctor Who I’ve been getting more into my historical figures and after seeing his episode with (no, not Shakespeare) Charles Dickens I remembered that I needed to read more classics. (That’s always the way with me.)             So I took to Hamlet with a passion! (All my Charles Dickens book are in Ontario.)Continue reading “Hamlet–William Shakespeare”

The Trouble With Shakespeare

Currently reading Hamlet, that’s right. Hamlet. And yes, I’ve been getting weird looks in cafes and parks and from people who just walk into my room and look through my stuff. (That really did happen on the weekend.) Apparently it’s not socially acceptable to read Hamlet past high school. Well here’s what I say toContinue reading “The Trouble With Shakespeare”