Christopher Lee

Hey sports fans. My best friend just messaged me the saddest news: Christopher Lee has passed away. Now, I’m not a weepy person by nature, but the second he wrote, “Hey man, did you hear about Christopher Lee?” I immediately started crying. Yes, it’s absurd to cry about someone I don’t know and would neverContinue reading “Christopher Lee”

Lord of Misrule: An Autobiography–Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is the biggest badass on the block. This guy has met so many awesome people while also being the ultimate of awesome people. He’s played everyone from Dracula to Sherlock Holmes to Saruman to Count Dooku. He does voice work; makes metal rock albums, golf’s like nobodies business, and used to do hisContinue reading “Lord of Misrule: An Autobiography–Christopher Lee”

Artemis Fowl–Eoin Colfer

I love reading children’s books, that may sound weird because I tend to read them without my little cousins present. But some of them are really just a good laugh and an easy read when I need it. Plus I really love finding out if the books have a good moral story or are appropriateContinue reading “Artemis Fowl–Eoin Colfer”

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes–Arthur Conan Doyle

These are his short stories, I really like them. I like a little mystery. At one time, I thought that Sherlock Holmes was a real person and that Arthur really knew him. Now I realize what I was really thinking when I thought that. Which is that books can really come alive to me. SometimesContinue reading “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes–Arthur Conan Doyle”