Cujo–Stephen King

Okay look Stephen King: You just fucking stop it.  Why do I fucking read these books? Why do I seek out this terror? This book was so fucking stressful.  And I’m going to spoil things, so you are warned. I have to spoil things because I need to channel this energy of rage this bookContinue reading “Cujo–Stephen King”

Carolina Isle–Jude Deveraux

After some in depth reading of a YA series, I need some serious adult time. I was a moron to pick this book of all the Jude Deverauxs on my shelf. The book itself sounds like it’s going to be fun, two cousins meet, they realize they look practically identical and decide to switch placesContinue reading “Carolina Isle–Jude Deveraux”

Sick as a Dog, But Not as Cute.

I’ve been so sick that I could barely get out of bed even though my dog was crying outside my door to be my friend. Migraines, cold, fever, you name it, I’ve had it this week. Clearly I was in some need of rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, I had just moved home and needed toContinue reading “Sick as a Dog, But Not as Cute.”

The Tommyknockers–Stephen King

–> Literally: Scared my pants off. Figuratively: Stressed me out hardcore. Uh, scratch that, reverse it. This book was not as stress inducing as Misery, didn’t have me under the covers crying like a little bitch, but it DID freak me the hell out so much that I had nightmares. So I guess I’m stillContinue reading “The Tommyknockers–Stephen King”

Book Hunting

I decided to take myself on a little artist date today and buys some books and supplies for making things later this week! Giant mess on my bed (and ignore my clean laundry pile) there’s some yarn for wash clothes, rocks for painting, crayons because I effin’ love colouring, and I bought a cactus justContinue reading “Book Hunting”

To Say a Few Words…

Here’s Paul Sheldon under serious duress: He had heard the same thing time and time again. It came in different wrappers, but it always boiled down to the same thing: I remember getting into the car, and I remember waking up here. Everything else is a blank. Why couldn’t that happen to him? Because writersContinue reading “To Say a Few Words…”

Misery Reactions

I’m currently reading Stephen Kings Misery and I’m starting to get the feeling I’ll never finish it because I’m a huge chicken and it’s giving me heart palpitations. Here is an abridged version of what my reactions have been throughout this book: Oh that dude is screwed. This bitch is crazy. Ew. Ew. EW. WHATContinue reading “Misery Reactions”

Heaven Sent

The other day I went on a book hunt. Which quickly became my new favourite thing to do in Vancouver. I bought 11 books for 16 bucks. Three of which were only a dollar all together. And they are big names! The Red Tent, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Murder at the VicarageContinue reading “Heaven Sent”

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft–Stephen King

I want to make babies with this book. This book is perfection!!! Normally Stephen King scares the hell out of me, so I avoid his books. But this is, obviously, not one of those books. It’s about his experience with writing and what he thinks you should take into consideration for your own writing. He’sContinue reading “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft–Stephen King”