Summer Reads

Hello Puny Humans:

I have a pile of reviews building that go as far back as two summers ago. Yeesh.

Here’s the thing with life: Stuff happens to you and then other things are forgotten about.

These books weren’t one of those things, but reviewing them was. Typical me.

But here you go! Time to really start to catch up!

The Single Girl’s To-Do List–Lyndsey Kelk

A decent summer book, I gave it three stars which means it was just good and I would pass it on to someone going on vacation to read at the beach. 

It’s about a make up artist girl who gets dumped and goes on the classic journey of self discovering all people who go through heartbreaking time go through only to make it out on the other side happier and healthier. 

She makes a list of things she always wanted to do while in a relationship but couldn’t because she was being stifled without knowing it. 

The list includes a make over (she always wore leggings and plain t-shirts…nothing wrong with that!), and getting drunk, going on a trip, and other typical things like that that would make a cute Katherine Heigl movie. 


The Wedding–Nicholas Sparks

When I start reading Nicholas Sparks books I’m always in a mood already. Y’all know what I’m talking about:

You’re looking for a romance but you also know someone is going to fucking eat it in this book in an unexpected way that just makes you mad in the first place because all you were looking for was a fucking romance novel that’s predictable and lovely with a dynamic couple that you just want them to be happy at the end. But no. Nicholas Sparks likes to fuck with us. 

He’s an asshole. 

However, I gave this 4 stars out of 5 which means I absolutely adored this book. Which means (and I can’t actually remember this) someone likely didn’t fucking die at the end in a real weird twist of events! 

So, this is a sequel of sorts to The Notebook (and if you never read that, you should because duh.) and it’s about Allie and Noah’s son Wilson who has let the romance die in his marriage and he didn’t even notice. His daughter is getting married and he’s finally facing the facts of his own marriage. It was a really sweet story, of course, and shows that you can make a comeback even from an indifferent marriage. 

I really liked the message of this book. A lot of people could benefit from this story. 


Never Have I Ever: My Life (So Far) Without a Date–Katie Heaney

This book is very special to me, and I’m betting you can guess why given the title of it. 

I always enjoy when I find fellow “weirdos” or people that I can actually relate to when it comes to stuff like this. 

This book was very well written, and hilarious, and made me feel a lot less isolated in my singledom. I am not alone in this compartment of life and that means so much to me. 

Even if I don’t actually know this person. 

(And if I know for a fact that this woman is now in a committed relationship because I follow her on Instagram haha. They look very happy together by the way! Gives me hope.)

Definitely read this even if you are in a committed relationship because it’s just such a great story/memoir on this woman’s life. And if you don’t know how to commiserate or even understand the single people in your life: this will help. 


Melissa Explains It All–Melissa Joan Hart

Another unexplainable autobiography that I picked up at a thrift store. 

To be fair though: I was obsessed with Clarissa Explains it All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch when I was younger. 

Always have been dyyyyying for magical powers. Even if it’s not with a wand but with the tip of my finger. 

(That sounded pervy, but you’re with me.) 

Melissa Joan Hart has always been a favourite of mine, I’ve even watched ‘Melissa and Joey’ and genuinely liked it. (I don’t know why I said that like it’s a terrible show. It’s a hilarious and cute show.)

So why would I be like “Why would I read this autobiography?”…probably because I didn’t actually give two rats poops about the actual actresses life. Like I’m happy if she’s happy but I don’t need a background check, you know? 

But here I am. I’ve read the book, read her life, and now I DO give two rat poops about her life. 

Especially since she’s led an interesting and dynamic life. 

Who knew I would care so much that one of her boyfriend was a complete and total asshole? Or how happy I would be when she found the love of her life? Or that her families life would grip me so hard? 

I don’t know who I am anymore. But here we are and I loved the book. Even if you aren’t a fan, it’s an interesting behind the scenes of the movie industry. 


Summer Reading News

I’ve been noticing a lot of searches happening on my site for Rick Riordan and updates on what he’s doing. The easiest way to get this info would be to look on his website :

But, since I’m a huge fan I’ll write about him anyway. He has a ton of new books out this year and a movie next year! (Helllloooo, Nathan Fillion as Hermes in The Sea of Monsters. Love it.)

So Mr. Riordan actually has a new book out today! The Serpent’s Shadow is another in his Kane Chronicles and I’m happily going to pick it up at the bookstore!

Next up is a part of his Heroes series: The Demigod Diaries is out August 14th, 2012. It’s short stories, but I’ll be happy to read it nonetheless.

After that, this champion of writing, has The Mark of Athena coming out this fall of 2012. And I’m so stoked for it you have no idea.

And finally, after scouring his website I just discovered that the man has a bunch of books out for adults dating back to the 90’s. Heeellllllloooooo summer reading! Should make for a good time.

In other book news another of my favourite authors has a book out today: Charlaine Harris. Yes, you read me correctly, even after the icky-icks of her last series I will continue on with her Sookie Stackhouse books. Deadlocked is out today!!! Whoot whoot!

(Did I also mention that Kelley Armstrongs book ‘The Calling’ just came out as well? I’m four books away on my reading list and can’t wait…)

Those four books are the Game of Thrones series…so I won’t be seeing that one for weeks. And she has yet another book out this summer (July) called ‘Thirteen’. Very exciting stuff this year! At least for me…haha, all my favourite authors are coming out with new stuff. AH! I almost forgot, how embarrassing for me the biggest J.K. Rowling fan ever. Pottermore is open! AND she has a new coming for adults September 27th 2012 called The Casual Vacancy.

What’s on your summer reading list?

Dead Reckoning–Charlaine Harris

One of my favourite book series and I’m more than ecstatic that Sookie is back, although I’m not so sure if in full force.

 Maybe it’s because I didn’t have the lead up of all the other books like I’m use to or because I’ve been watching too much of Trueblood so I forget that some of the characters aren’t there and that other things happen to ones that do survive that aren’t in the series, but I feel like this one left a lot to be desired. I feel like there should’ve been an extra chapter at the end or like this is the calm before the storm (which happens with a lot of her books, but since I had them at hand I wasn’t too upset about, but this one has no next book, so I felt like I missed something.)

 So I was deeply confused about what was happening for a little bit. Good thing the Internet exists so I could re-catch up with my favourite characters and what I didn’t remember from the last time I read these. 

           This book is all about Sookie in a perpetual state of confusion. You get a better look into what’s going on in Sooks mind and how she’s dealing with everything that keeps happening to her, around her, and with her lover/husband Eric.

 The plot of this is that that doucher Victor is…well, being a doucher, and they are looking for a way to be rid of him for good. Then there is Debbie Pelts sister Sandra who has a vendetta against Sookie…so they are looking for a way to get rid of her too. Then Sookie is trying to figure out how she can have a relationship with Eric while he is being super secretive about stuff. There are fairies everywhere acting strange, and Alcide pops up and propositions Sookie in a really weird way that I thought was cute, but she was mad at.

 The only people who know how to fix all of Sookies problems either are missing, being evasive or have been ordered not to tell her anything.

    She’s got to find a way to get all these supernatural buttheads to talk.

 Can’t wait for the next one, I think it’ll be a doozey.

 (Trueblood comes back on June 26th by the way. Yay!)

Poppy Done to Death–Charlaine Harris

Holy infidelity Batman! Chockerbock FULL of skankiness this book was extremely well plotted and enjoyable.

  Aurora’s sister in law gets murdered and lucky her, she finds her dead body. After that Aurora finds out that Poppy and her husband John David basically have a horrendous marriage where they are consistently cheating on each other and mistreating one another…John David is missing when Poppy’s body is found and it’s a great concern to everyone.

 The only one thinking he is the murderer is Aurora though and she sets out to find him. This book brought in a bunch of new characters that were all enjoyable and it brought back a few old ones, that of Auroras brother Phillip and Robin Crusoe.

This book had me deeply confused as to who the killer could be! There were so many wounded spouses and girlfriends/boyfriends and people who are just self righteous and think their way is the only way to live, it was just spectacularly complicated and had me guessing through the whole thing.

  I’m hoping she writes more because this character isn’t done and there has to be more to the story!!!

 And I’m off to ‘google’ it. It was a great couple of weeks reading these and I’m happily  moving on to the new Sookie Stackhouse book, also by Charlaine Harris.

Last Scene Alive–Charlaine Harris

Hunky writer Robin Crusoe is back. He wrote about his adventures with Aurora in the first book and they are now being made into a movie. The problem is…the lead actress who was going to play Aurora’s character was bludgeoned to death with an Emmy.

  Aurora and Robin reunite in order to figure out whodunit.

  After a traumatic year the last thing Aurora needs is another guy after her, Arthur Smith hasn’t let up, and she really can’t take it anymore. Forget Southern hospitality, she’s just plain rude to him at this point.

 Which is nice and about time.

       This one got a little dirty, I won’t lie to you, I nearly peed my pants laughing when I got to it and I hysterically laughed for ten minutes. The rest was not as chuckle inducing, but it was a good read and I liked the ending.

 She introduces some extra characters that I’m sure will be in the next book and I can’t wait to find out what happens.

 On to Poppy Done to Death! (Last one and I’ll be heartbroken…)

A Fool and His Honey–Charlaine Harris

Aurora and her husband Martin are going through a tiny rough patch. They don’t see each other as often as they would like but are going to try and make the effort.

 Then Martins niece Regina shows up with her baby…her baby that no one knew she had or even know that she was pregnant with. Regina is acting all kinds of weird and offhand about it, but Aurora just chalks that up to Regina being slightly dimwitted.

 Until Regina goes missing, the baby is found under a bed and Regina’s husband, Craig, is dead on the stairs with a hatchet in his forehead.

  I really liked this one because it mixed things up a bit and you really don’t see the end coming. But you have to wonder…what kind of bad luck does this girl have that she is constantly in the middle of these things?

 You can tell  that I am in love with this series. But I’ll also be happy to move on. Too much time with the same characters can grow frustrating…but I’m glad that I took the time to read all of these. They are great books and easy and fun.

Dead Over Heels

What has Aurora done to deserve such a life full of death? Apparently someone is out to get her (again) and they are doing some super creepy things to get her attention.

 She’s getting those weird phone calls where you know someone is on the other line, her cat shows up with a ribbon around its neck when Madeleine is anything but a friendly cat, her ex-boyfriend gets stabbed, her assistant gets bludgeoned and it all seems a little too close to home.

 Especially the cat thing.

      This one was a little different from all the others. You see Roe and Martin settle into their married life and Roe ends up hanging out with one of her bodyguards more. Angel Youngblood is there for all the incidents and Roe suspects that someone is obsessed with Angel. Who wouldn’t be in love with a statuesque blond that has legs for days?

Oh yeah, and there’s the minor business of Detective Sergeant Jack Burns, who is not a huge fan of Roe, falling out of a plane and landing in her yard.

 Well. I thoroughly have been enjoying reading these books, this one had me far more confused as to who was doing these things and why. But as always she ties it all together in a neat little package at the end.

 Read. These. Books

Three Bedrooms, One Corpse–Charlaine Harris

Once again the teeny tiny Aurora Teagarden is sucked into a murder plot. This time she is working with her mother trying to figure out if she would like to be in the real estate business (After quitting her job with the library because she’s now a rich woman, thanks to her old friend Jane) and it’s practically her first day on the job and she finds a dead body in a house she is showing.

 Showing to the major silver fox Martin Bartell.

 Forget the writer, forget the cop, forget the minister. Martin is forty five years old, white haired and a lovely caramel colour for his eyes…and yeah. A major babe.

 Once again Charlaine Harris has hooked me in with a love interest that starts on fire and takes out a whole forest.

 People keep getting murdered and Roe has to figure out who is killing off her mothers co-workers before Martin is taken in for questioning. (The murders started right after he arrived in town, and it seems pretty suspicious.)

This book keeps up what has been written in the last two, the style of writing, the different types of characters, but Roe is changing a little for the better. Getting a little more stylish, a little less dowdy and a little more sexy.

 I think this is because she has nothing better to do than to solves crimes and dress nice now that she has no excuses and nothing to do otherwise.

A Bone To Pick–Charlaine Harris

   A Bone to Pick is the second in the Aurora Teagarden series and quite nice to read. Didn’t take me very long and I’m really enjoying reading murder mysteries with simple and neat endings. Nothing too complicated or intense, just a nice filler to the void.

    A Bone to Pick in particular is about how Aurora’s friend Jane, an older lady who volunteered at the library every once in awhile, dies and leaves Aurora her estate, which includes a house and 500 grand.

     The second that Roe walks into the house though it is obvious that someone has broken in, but not obvious what they have stolen.

 It doesn’t take this mystery buff long to figure out that there is a skull in the carpeted over window seat…a skull which someone is missing, and not just the absent body.

    While Roe figures out who did it she starts dating a minister, which is pretty cute and funny, although I miss the romance leads from the last book. Hopefully the redheaded writer hunk will be back in the next one.

 For now I’ll settle with the tall, dark and handsome Aubrey.