Pride and Pleasure–Sylvia Day

I love a good romance novel that 100% promises dirty sex scenes.  I have a juvenile mind where I don’t find these scenes sexy: I find them absurd and a good gut laugh. Like I laugh my ass off like they told a good joke.  Man oh man.  I’m going to die alone.  Anyway, thisContinue reading “Pride and Pleasure–Sylvia Day”

Bared to You–Sylvia Day

Nerdy nerdy dirty birdies! This book is fiiiiiiiilthy! It’s dirty! It’s nasty! It’s too dirty to clean its act up. Yeah. I just Christina Aguilera circa 2002’d you. Anyway, for all my dirty birds out there who are looking for something that’s actually literate while being sexy at the same time, this is the bookContinue reading “Bared to You–Sylvia Day”