Simon Vs. The Homosapiens Agenda–Becky Albertalli

Thiiiiiiiiis boooooooooooook. Myyyyyyyyy heeeeeeeeaaaaaaart. 

Simon is a teenager coming into his own, trying to sort out how to come out to his family and friends, and in general living the life of a teenager.

I love this book so much. I hugged it when it was over. 

My sisters all agreed that it ended rather abruptly for our taste. WE NEEDED MORE.

Beautifully written, lovely story, a mystery as to who he was falling in love with through email, and just all around greaaaaat book. 

Everyone should read this book. EVERYONE. 

I can’t wait to read the next one! 


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children–Ranson Riggs

We’ve made it out of the Roald Dahl vortex. Thank God.

I was originally reading this book because I had been interested in it for awhile and then the movie was coming out, so naturally, I was trying to prep myself for the movie!

And then I never went and saw the movie.

I hold all the logic in my hands, don’t I?

Anyway, this book freaked me out. But only because there were pictures of what everyone looks like in it and the pictures are creepy as all hell. Nobody likes old timey circus photos Ransom Riggs! NOBODY.

On the whole though, this book was really good. I liked Jacob, and the back story of why he can see things others can’t, I enjoyed the entire plot, the writing was great, I really look forward to reading more of these. (And finally watching the movie.)

Maybe I’m just saying that because I can’t take anymore kid books though.


The Son of Neptune

Heyo, I forgot to post yesterday! Here we are!

Percy is back!

I love myself some sarcastic and heroic Percy Jackson sass.

Percy, like Jason in the first book, wakes up in the wrong place and doesn’t remember who he is. The only thing he remembers is Annabeth. He loves her and has to get back to her.

(Insert girlish squeaks of romantical joy.)

Enter Hazel and Frank, two centurions from a mysterious town of Roman demigods. It’s like Camp Half-blood, but you can grow up there and live a life into adulthood, go to university, raise a family, and Percy is thinking this is a great plan even though he knows he isn’t meant to be there.

A Prophecy of Seven was made about seven demi-gods having to stop Gaea from rising. Her giant sons were just the start of their troubles.

I really liked this one, not just because I got to see Percy again, but because for some reason, I really like Frank. He’s a giant Chinese baby-faced kid who is clumsy and a bit of an oaf and says the wrong things and acts the wrong way and then he just blows up and becomes a badass.

He reminds me of Neville Longbottom.

Great second addition to this series.

Constant vigilance!


The Calling–Kelley Armstrong

Okay, so I’ve already reviewed this one before, but I had to read it again since The Gathering came out and I never got around to reading it since I’m a super freak and have too many books calling my name. No pun intended.

I’m glad that I read this one again because I completely forgot all of this until I was reading it. (That says nothing about Kelley’s writing since I’m a huge fan and remember most of her series, but these ones went by so quickly and I have a million other books I’ve read in between that it got lost in the shuffle.)

Maya is a skinwalker, her loverboy Rafe is also a skinwalker, her best friend is benendanti (as far as I can tell he hits people with power balls). There is a giant forest fire making the entire town of Salmon Creek have to evacuate.

Helicopter escape. End of story.

Seriously, that’s how the book ended, they left on a helicopter. So you can understand my super need for getting my hands on The Gathering.

Whoot whoot! Can’t wait! I love me some Kelley Armstrong.

Spellbound–Kelley Armstrong

What the what!


Naturally, I should’ve read the rest of the series before this. Or at least I needed to because I’m so freakin’ forgetful I swear I have a small case of Alzheimers. I shouldn’t be allowed out in public anymore because of it.


Alas, I’m allowed out and have the privilege of reading Mrs. Armstrong’s books.

This one though, I did have to research what happened in the last bunch to remember who was who and what they’ve done and how we got to this point. I’m glad I did because it made it so much more enjoyable!

This was a great read, I love her. I love Savannah and the plot was pretty wicked. (She loses her powers after a promise to give them up to change some kids life. And has to deal with that and get them back.)

This was definitely the lead up to the big war/battle/what have you that is coming and I can practically smell the end of the series, which makes me really sad.

But at least my favourite character showed up in this one!

Yay Clay! J

Teen Books for the Fall


The Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong: Fantastic series about a young necromancer who ends up in a group home once she starts seeing dead people. Turns out that there are other supernatural teens there and all hell breaks loose.

The writing is right up there with her previous books and she easily writes about these new characters but still in the same world as her Women of the Otherworld series. It’s nice to see even when she is just talking about people from the past books in passing. (None of the old characters come into play.)

 The Host—Stephanie Meyers: This book doesn’t get as much credit as it should. It’s always overshadowed by her Twilight series, and I think it’s a great read as well. (The only science fiction book I’ve been able to stand come to think of it.) Great writing, simple plot that still manages to keep you enamored and characters that make you smile.

 Elixir—Hilary Duff: Like I’ve said before, this book was pretty surprising. She had a clear plot and lovely characters. AND she managed to write a decent book. I really liked it, expected more from the ending, but still, it was really good.

 The Hunger Games series—Suzanne Collins, I can’t get enough of this series. I wish I hadn’t finished it because I should have savoured it. These were amazing books! Easy to read, can’t lose the plot even if you wanted to (and you won’t!) and the characters are the best around. I adore this series.