The Cuckoo’s Calling–Robert Galbraith aka. J.K. Rowling

By now everyone knows that this was actually written by J.K. Rowling and that she wanted to just write a book and put it out without any craziness or expectations of her. Which I adore. She didn’t want to do any circuits or press promotion or anything, she simply wanted to write a book andContinue reading “The Cuckoo’s Calling–Robert Galbraith aka. J.K. Rowling”

Le Sigh

I’m broken. Seriously. Not literally, my body parts are all intact, my insides are all cool, but my braaaaain. My poor simple little schnook of a brain is broken. And I know who the culprit is. Trainspotting. I’m a simple girl. I like straightforward stories, I like stories that mess with your mind with aContinue reading “Le Sigh”