The God that Comes–Hawksley Workman

Instead of a regular book review I thought that for once I would review a show that I’ve seen recently since I actually managed to leave my hovel and go out in the Vancouver city. I’m a huuuuuuuuuuge Hawksley Workman fan, our love affair began a million years ago when my sisters forced me toContinue reading “The God that Comes–Hawksley Workman”

Elvis: My Best Man–George Klein with Chuck Crisafulli

I’ll start by stating the obvious: I’m a huge Elvis fan. I dig his music, I watch his movies, and I even have a cookbook of his favourite foods.  Which is why when my friend gave me this book for my birthday that I decided to give it its fair shake even though I’ve alreadyContinue reading “Elvis: My Best Man–George Klein with Chuck Crisafulli”