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Classic M.I.A. Post

Hey there sports fans! So I’ve been inconsistent as hell lately. And yes, I realize I make a posting like this one every summer…fall…winter….spring…. But I’m human and sometimes daily life takes priority and I forget to write reviews for a year. SO there’s…

Keep Moving Forward: Hey sister, Soul sister.

I mentioned earlier this week that I’ve been doing some self love stuff. Now, I’ve been following the lights one of my friends is leaving on her path, I’m not sticking completely to her road since I like to make my own, and I…

Holy TARDIS, Patty’s a Wholigan!

Guys. Seriously guys. Guys. Come on. And yes, I called James Patterson ‘Patty’, not ‘Jimmy’. I do what I want, Thor! Constant vigilance and Happy Friday! 🙂