Hallo Everabody!

It’s been awhile, but here’s what’s new on the site: (Please note, we’re not done making changes, but I missed writing to you so I came back early.) Obviously the look of the site is new(ish), my friend and collaborator is making us a fresh design for the future but for now we’ll stick withContinue reading “Hallo Everabody!”

Thrift Store Saga

Today was an odd duck of a day. I officially believe in curses and bad luck. And actually being able to feel the negative energy coming off of a person. The reason I believe all of is because of three things that happened today: 1)I met a guy that people literally walked away from afterContinue reading “Thrift Store Saga”

Blurt Alert

Dobby is freeeeeee!!!! I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. *happy dance* This week was so lovely and cleansing! Admittedly, I cheated and looked at Facebook and texting because I’m planning a trip home and trying to coordinate with people so it made it difficult to cut it all out completely. BUT I think I bustedContinue reading “Blurt Alert”

Thrift Store Saga: My New Boyfriend

Guys, it’s no secret that my love life solely consists of the men in books. I love them, I want to marry them, and their counterparts on the silver screen. But yesterday I met someone. Someone so wonderful that I needed to share it with everyone. I need the world to know of this love.Continue reading “Thrift Store Saga: My New Boyfriend”

Thrift Store Saga

Today I worked a whopping 8 1/2 hours. I don’t think I’ve worked 8 full hours since I was at the country club. (That was three years ago.) Jeez. Really lacking in work ethic with my jobs…weird. Anyway, so naturally, being there for so long, I saw some really bizarre stuff. It started with aContinue reading “Thrift Store Saga”