Seven Up–Janet Evanovich

I love these books. Brooooken record! (I was singing that to you in case we’ve never met so you don’t know that I sing everything and that I ramble incessantly so that my sentences are no longer proper and my eighth grade teacher would be so annoyed that there is no punctuation in this sentenceContinue reading “Seven Up–Janet Evanovich”

The Cold Moon–Jeffery Deaver

Jeffrey Deaver is another of my go-to authors. I look for his books on the shelves in every bookstore I’m in, I tend to spend a short amount of time reading his books because they compel me to read faster. Their plots are always intense and forward and I enjoy the heck out of beingContinue reading “The Cold Moon–Jeffery Deaver”

Death Du Jour–Kathy Reichs

That’s right, I gave Kathy Reichs another chance. Maybe I shouldn’t have or maybe this was just another of her books that I was bound to not really like. It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever read, but it certainly wasn’t the best. This book was all over the map with its plot and evenContinue reading “Death Du Jour–Kathy Reichs”

Before I Go to Sleep–S.J. Watson

This book blew my mind in so many ways! Okay, first, plot summary: A woman has amnesia and tries to figure her life out because when she falls asleep it erases everything from the previous day and any day since her accident. She can wake up being six years old or thirty five (she’s inContinue reading “Before I Go to Sleep–S.J. Watson”

Spellbound–Kelley Armstrong

What the what!   Naturally, I should’ve read the rest of the series before this. Or at least I needed to because I’m so freakin’ forgetful I swear I have a small case of Alzheimers. I shouldn’t be allowed out in public anymore because of it.   Alas, I’m allowed out and have the privilegeContinue reading “Spellbound–Kelley Armstrong”

Grave Secret–Charlaine Harris

I lied. I didn’t write to on the fourth. But truly, I was super busy! SPOILERS AHEAD. Anyway, as I did promise a review on the series ending of the Harper Connelly books, here it goes: In the series ender Harper and Tolliver are forced to look into their past and solve their sisters disappearance.Continue reading “Grave Secret–Charlaine Harris”

An Ice Cold Grave–Charlaine Harris

Yeah. She did it. She took it that next step of “ew”. In this book she took it to like 82 different steps of “ew”, actually. Harper and Tolliver are set to find out what happened to a bunch of boys that have gone missing in the dead of winter. I can’t even tell youContinue reading “An Ice Cold Grave–Charlaine Harris”

Grave Surprise–Charlaine Harris

Harper Connelly is back in ‘Grave Surprise’ and her brother Tolliver Lang (step-brother) continues to travel with her and help people find out what happened to their loved ones. In this book Harper is asked to go to a university’s grave yard and show off her skills. (The professor is not a believer and isContinue reading “Grave Surprise–Charlaine Harris”

Grave Sight–Charlaine Harris

Harper Connelly is a medium. Technically. This character can sense what happened to dead people. She stands over their graves, or can sense their bodies from a distance and tell you what happened in the moments of their deaths. She travels around with her brother Tolliver, who has a badass mustache. Also, Harper was hitContinue reading “Grave Sight–Charlaine Harris”