Made to Be Broken–Kelley Armstrong

Naturally I snatched this book up once I was finished with Exit Strategy. I kind of wish that I waited because now I have nothing to look forward to. Oh waaaaaait, Mrs. Armstrong has a new book coming out April 2nd. ‘The Calling’! Yay! *insert chaotic cheering* Anyway, Nadia Stafford is back and more confusedContinue reading “Made to Be Broken–Kelley Armstrong”

206 Bones–Kathy Reichs

     For a little while there I was dead set against Kathy Reichs and her books. I was upset that they weren’t like the show ‘Bones’ to which was made based on them. There is no Booth and Brennan lovefest or partnership and it was really making me angry for the first one of herContinue reading “206 Bones–Kathy Reichs”

Jaws–Peter Benchley

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t very interested in reading this book. I wanted to speed ahead and read the new Russell Brand book and skip what could only be thought of as a book about a fish.         I’m glad I got over myself and gave this book a chance. Within the first four pagesContinue reading “Jaws–Peter Benchley”

Poppy Done to Death–Charlaine Harris

Holy infidelity Batman! Chockerbock FULL of skankiness this book was extremely well plotted and enjoyable.   Aurora’s sister in law gets murdered and lucky her, she finds her dead body. After that Aurora finds out that Poppy and her husband John David basically have a horrendous marriage where they are consistently cheating on each otherContinue reading “Poppy Done to Death–Charlaine Harris”

Last Scene Alive–Charlaine Harris

Hunky writer Robin Crusoe is back. He wrote about his adventures with Aurora in the first book and they are now being made into a movie. The problem is…the lead actress who was going to play Aurora’s character was bludgeoned to death with an Emmy.   Aurora and Robin reunite in order to figure outContinue reading “Last Scene Alive–Charlaine Harris”

A Bone To Pick–Charlaine Harris

   A Bone to Pick is the second in the Aurora Teagarden series and quite nice to read. Didn’t take me very long and I’m really enjoying reading murder mysteries with simple and neat endings. Nothing too complicated or intense, just a nice filler to the void.     A Bone to Pick in particular isContinue reading “A Bone To Pick–Charlaine Harris”

Real Murders–Charlaine Harris

I hope everyone is having a great Victoria Day Weekend! Now. On to business.   I love new characters and story lines; Especially from favourite authors. And Charlaine Harris is quite obviously one of my favourites.    I’m absolutely over the moon about this series The Aurora Teagarden series where she continually is put intoContinue reading “Real Murders–Charlaine Harris”

Homicide Stories–Max Haines

Well written, crazy as all hell and disturbing to say the least.           Max Haines does a terrific job in writing about a huge variety of homicide cases. He made things that were already interesting into something readable and at some points confused about who is the killer.     There are some cases where youContinue reading “Homicide Stories–Max Haines”

Summer Book List

Summer is fast approaching (YAY!) and I figure you’re all looking for something to read (duh.). I have tons of lists of all the books I have read, loved, hated, what types they are, and at one point what was on my personal book list was (which I have recently surpassed. Another ‘YAY!’).       WhatContinue reading “Summer Book List”

Shutter Island–Dennis Lehane

Man oh man. This guy is a genius. And if I had any money leftover from my last paycheck I would go and buy all of his books. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this book.  I had seen commercials for the movie and knew that it was a thriller.Continue reading “Shutter Island–Dennis Lehane”