Keep Moving Forward: Fembots Have Feelings Too.

This week has been so overwhelming that I finally snapped last night after my lessons. Now, I’m not someone who cries easily, it takes a lot to get me to bawl my eyes out and have an anxiety attack. So that should show it’s been a tough month. We had a couple of hard thingsContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward: Fembots Have Feelings Too.”

Keep Moving Forward

Time. It’s important. It’s precious, big, small, hours, minutes, seconds. They all count. Literally. (haw haw.) Dreams are even more important. And let’s be real here, you are never too old, too young, too dumb, or too small (or big) to achieve your dreams. Cornball city, I know. But for me, without my dreams nothingContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward”