Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian–Kris Jenner

This book was deceiving as fuck. 

Given the title I thought I was just about to read you know…gossip. 

Totally expected Kris to dish with me on …well ‘All Things Kardashian’.

I thought I was going to read a palette cleansing book before moving on to other more in-depth and interesting books, but Kris surprised me by not just being a decent writer and story-teller, but by having an interesting life before her kids and before Bruce. (AKA: Caitlyn. This book was written when they were still together and in love and nothing had come to light.) 

What I did NOT expect was that she was going to spend most of the book talking about her friend Nicole Brown Simpson and the OJ Simpson trial and how it affected her family and friends. It was interesting to get her perspective, and I don’t just mean interesting in a gossip seeking way. She ACTUALLY had real tea to spill and real information to share.

And real heartbreak that she went through. 

I really enjoyed this book, you know, as much as you can about a family going through tragedy.

It was super interesting: Up until she started talking about her kids careers. 


Constant vigilance!


Crimes of Passion–Howard Engel

Dear Lord.

    This book is terrible. Not just because of the murders, those were what made it unbearable/bearable to read. I don’t know who told this guy to write this book, but they should get their money back. He took interesting crimes and turned them into something that was ridiculously boring! If you are going to be writing about crimes of passion, put a little “oomf” into it.

         I get it, he was trying not to sensationalize everything like we are so used to. But you don’t have to go to the complete opposite and go with just the facts. Make it seem like you are human even if what you are writing about is the most inhumane thing. It was like reading a book that a robot wrote.

            And I was so looking forward to it because the last one in the compilation (Murder stories) was so good! Ah well, can’t win them all.

Crimes of Passion=Stinker.