Stolen–Kelley Armstrong

Humans aren’t in the know when it comes to supernatural beings. We are focused on the lore and the materialistic side of it: ie. What could powers DO for me?

In the second of the Otherworld series we are back with the werewolves and Elena Michaels has been captured by a duel working team of supernatural’s and humans. Working to find out all they can and exploit all they can in an under ground facility where they study supernatural’s. The humans are closing in.

Elena, being the only female werewolf, is in high demand since women rarely survive being bitten and are certainly not born with the gene. Being a werewolf is a boys club.

We’ve all likely read something where people or things are being experimented on, it all sounds familiar right? Under ground? Scientists? Humans pushing the limits?

This is a book, while using all the classic scare tactics such as the poking and prodding of science, that also uses the dark side of human nature. Very well written, fresh, and down right stressful while also providing heart warming moments.

I love Elena. She feels like a real person even though she is a werewolf, she admits to being scared, she has panic attacks, she has real people flaws that I enjoy reading about.

Good stuff. (This is why I’m rereading the series book by book instead of just the new ones.)

Constant vigilance.

Stolen - Kelley Armstrong

Bitten–Kelley Armstrong

We’ve met, so you know that I need to reread a series before I continue on with the latest book. Well, I haven’t read her two latest novels, and I have a slight problem:

This series is 13 regular books long and in tow with those 16 short story filled books. And as I’m Googling to see what’s up with her and the correct chronological order, I’ve noticed that since I thought she only had two new books out: she’s published four more.

What the hell!!!

But it’s too late, I’ve already started. I mean, I’m only on the second one, but like I said: I’m a purest.

So here I am reading this series for probably the fourth time and it’s made me realize something pretty important:

I love the hell out of these characters. She still got me when one of my favourite characters dies, even though I planned on skimming the books I’ve already read she still sucked me in with her amazing storytelling, and even though I know the first book backwards and forwards Bitten was still a great book to read.

Mama Gots Beef

*Insert aggravated growl*

      I’m annoyed with myself. I’m annoyed with my books. I’m annoyed with everything around me all the time. But today particularly, I’m annoyed with Vampires.

That’s right. I said it. I’m annooooooyed with vampires and the horror genre. I want to punch it in the face, stake it in the heart and watch it explode like the vamps on Trueblood. (Those are currently the only vampires I can stand btw. And that’s because Alexander is shirtless a lot. And amusing.)

     I’m reading ‘Jane Slayre’ a hardy har har horror book that’s entwined vampires and Jane Eyre. How clever. Not over done at all. Is there a bandwagon that I can get people off of when it comes to these things? Because I’ve got to say, I’m tired of vamps, tired of mixing classics with them and everything that it entails. I’m sure this book would be a great read if I hadn’t already read things like ‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’, ‘Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters’, ‘Dawn of the Dreadfuls’, ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’. I’ve been attempting to read this book for days, but I just can’t get into it.

   And the sad thing is it’s probably one of the better fused of all of these. I hate to ditch it since the last couple of books haven’t been right up my alley either, especially because I know that there is a book about the Opus Dei that I bought when I was going through my Dan Brown phase, next. Balls.

      I love supernatural books. I love the creativity that it takes to make something new and fresh with old news. But can we please stop for awhile with the vampires? It’d be nice to see some other supernatural creatures shine for awhile. And the sad thing is I really liked vamps for awhile until the entire world became all about them at such an intense level.

I blame Robert Pattinson. He’ll always be Cedric to me!!! Stupid Edward… 

    It’s time to get really creative people and come up with stories that don’t involve vampires. It’s time to move on. It’s time.

Constant vigilance.

Dead Reckoning–Charlaine Harris

One of my favourite book series and I’m more than ecstatic that Sookie is back, although I’m not so sure if in full force.

 Maybe it’s because I didn’t have the lead up of all the other books like I’m use to or because I’ve been watching too much of Trueblood so I forget that some of the characters aren’t there and that other things happen to ones that do survive that aren’t in the series, but I feel like this one left a lot to be desired. I feel like there should’ve been an extra chapter at the end or like this is the calm before the storm (which happens with a lot of her books, but since I had them at hand I wasn’t too upset about, but this one has no next book, so I felt like I missed something.)

 So I was deeply confused about what was happening for a little bit. Good thing the Internet exists so I could re-catch up with my favourite characters and what I didn’t remember from the last time I read these. 

           This book is all about Sookie in a perpetual state of confusion. You get a better look into what’s going on in Sooks mind and how she’s dealing with everything that keeps happening to her, around her, and with her lover/husband Eric.

 The plot of this is that that doucher Victor is…well, being a doucher, and they are looking for a way to be rid of him for good. Then there is Debbie Pelts sister Sandra who has a vendetta against Sookie…so they are looking for a way to get rid of her too. Then Sookie is trying to figure out how she can have a relationship with Eric while he is being super secretive about stuff. There are fairies everywhere acting strange, and Alcide pops up and propositions Sookie in a really weird way that I thought was cute, but she was mad at.

 The only people who know how to fix all of Sookies problems either are missing, being evasive or have been ordered not to tell her anything.

    She’s got to find a way to get all these supernatural buttheads to talk.

 Can’t wait for the next one, I think it’ll be a doozey.

 (Trueblood comes back on June 26th by the way. Yay!)

The Sookie Stackhouse Series

One of my favourite series is the Sookie Stackhouse novels’ by Charlaine Harris. I read them all a couple of summers ago and it only took me about a week. They are very good summer reads and you could take those light tiny books anywhere.

They are about a girl named Sookie Stackhouse who ends up falling for a vampire. No worries though, these vampires are not like the sparkly dudes from Twilight. These are rough and tough sexy vamps who can’t go out in the sunlight and turn into a disturbing goop-like substance if they do.

You probably know this series as the Trueblood series on tv. And trust me, if you like the show, you’ll loooooove the books. Eric is even sexier on the page, and there are pleeeeenty more sexy dudes that Sookie gets to know. Plus she’s far more bad ass than how they have portrayed her sometimes in the show.

Girl kicks ass.

Oh yeah, and my favourite beau makes a special appearance every once in awhile as the hilariously addled brained, Bubba. (Aka: Elvis.)