This past week has been crazy with moving home and everything that comes with it. Which includes various family gatherings and outings and planning and shopping and general dog bothering. Poor Doomsday had a traumatic move. She isn’t a fan of planes, trains or automobiles, and now we can add van to her list ofContinue reading “Someday”

The God that Comes–Hawksley Workman

Instead of a regular book review I thought that for once I would review a show that I’ve seen recently since I actually managed to leave my hovel and go out in the Vancouver city. I’m a huuuuuuuuuuge Hawksley Workman fan, our love affair began a million years ago when my sisters forced me toContinue reading “The God that Comes–Hawksley Workman”

Secret Chakra Names

Last week was the last of my beloved chakra classes (which explains why today I’m so grumpy since I didn’t get that weekly dance marathon like I’m use to. AND why yesterday I had this unexplained urge to exercise…) and since I’m such a self centered dweeb, instead of giving you a normal ‘To SayContinue reading “Secret Chakra Names”

Weird Vancity

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my days in Vancouver. Admittedly, weird things happen to me on a daily basis, I’m just that kind of person. But for some reason, today was exceptionally weird and I thought that I would share it with everyone. My day starts off with getting ready to go toContinue reading “Weird Vancity”