Keep Moving Forward–Tales from the E.R.

This year has so far not been my greatest start. This is what I get for making resolutions to take better care of my body. Since I’ve been sick since December 18th (two flus, two colds, and a monster sore throat later) I’ve been holding off on the New Year. This isn’t how I wantedContinue reading “Keep Moving Forward–Tales from the E.R.”

Hamlet–William Shakespeare

Since watching Doctor Who I’ve been getting more into my historical figures and after seeing his episode with (no, not Shakespeare) Charles Dickens I remembered that I needed to read more classics. (That’s always the way with me.)             So I took to Hamlet with a passion! (All my Charles Dickens book are in Ontario.)Continue reading “Hamlet–William Shakespeare”

As You Like It–William Shakespeare

Admittedly, I forgot about you guys this week. Everyone has been sick in the office and I’ve had a million things to do to get ready for Christmas! (Yeah, that’s already started.) But even so, I finally remembered! Friday isn’t so bad right? Anywho: I’m not 100% that there was a real plot here. IContinue reading “As You Like It–William Shakespeare”