Harry Potter and The Cursed Child–J.K. Rowling, John Thorne, Jack Tiffany

I wish I had seen this in play form. This was so interesting and cool! Even though JK Rowling didn’t write the play itself, she did approve of this and it’s based on a short story she wrote.

I missed my people. This is the only universe that’s ever felt completely like home to me.

Including this one we currently live in. Being a human is so boring sometimes.

So to be able to revisit it and see old characters, and see all our kids grown up and having an adventure was really fun, even if it was super heartbreaking at points.

This is about Harry as an adult and what’s going on with his children, as the synopsis concludes: Past and present collide and things get really super bananas.

Okay. They didn’t say that word for word, but here we are.

I really enjoyed this, for obvious reasons. It was quick to read given that the format is in that of a play and it’s for the characters to learn their lines.

I genuinely hope they make this into a mini series or something, that would be so cool.

Constant vigilance!


Fool Moon–Jim Butcher

My brother implored me to keep reading this series, but I really don’t think it’s for me. It’s slow going and even though Harry Dresden is a decent character who is real during supernatural situations, something is missing from it and I can’t place my finger on it.

Could be that I’m just used to another wizard named Harry and wanted to be back at Hogwarts instead of this place where things are normal until they really, really aren’t.

In this second coming of Harry Dresden we are introduced to werewolves.

It was an okay book, just not for me. I probably won’t continue on with this series.


Storm Front–Jim Butcher

My brother suggested this series, saying that I would love this guy just from his sheer sassy wit. He was right.

Unlike most novels about wizards or magical lands, this one is a cut below (that’s right, I said “below” and meant it as a compliment) and actually makes me feel that I know this person. He doesn’t completely have his life together, he’s not the best at what he does, but he keeps trying (Keep Moving Forward: Wizard Edition. Hello.) and he does the best he can with the tools he has.

Even if that means he has to fight a demon naked.

I say ‘cut below’ because it takes place in our time, our land, and it doesn’t involved secret languages that we skip over because we don’t understand them. That doesn’t mean I think this novel is less than what it deserves, I enjoyed the hell out of it because I didn’t have to read through a bunch of mystical nonsense. I didn’t have to read through page upon pages of descriptions about the same tree. I didn’t have to read about the knots in the wood of a bar and want to stab myself in the eye. (I’m looking at you G.R.R. Martin.)

Hell, one of his potions has tequila in it. I just mean that it wouldn’t have taken this guy 20 years to write one book, and kudos to him because it was just as wonderful and quick witted.

I definitely relate to Harry Dresden, struggling to make ends meet, trying and failing at having a dating life, and his fighting skills are sort of lacking, but nonetheless hilarious. At one point he throws a film canister at a demon just to throw it off his game.

Sometimes no magic is involved and it’s so funny.

Read it fellow wizards, you’ll enjoy it.

Constant vigilance.


The Lord of the Rings–J.R.R. Tolkien

This trilogy is awesome, but it took me three years to read it. Every morning in high school I would get off the bus with blood shot eyes and my best friend would ask me if I was high. After awhile she stopped asking that and started asking, “Why are you reading it so early in the morning?” Reading these books at 7 am is a baaaaaaad idea.

Eventually the movies came out and I was able to get a hold of who was who with the faces and would try a lot harder to appreciate the long dialogue about the leaves in trees.

After I watched the movies I would reread the books and it would take me only a week. How depressing after spending three years of my life trying to understand who every one was at 7 am.

Harry Potter–J.K. Rowling

You all knew it would come to this eventually.

I am a serious Potterhead.

I love this series with my whole heart. I can’t get enough of it.

I read it about once a year now, and that’s about ten years of my life dudes. Mostly when the movies are coming out I read them all again, or when I feel homesick I usually whip one out and am back in a place so familiar that I feel better.

I don’t even need to tell you the storyline, you should all know about Harry by now. And if you want to get me going for hours about how great it is just email me, haha.

These books are so well written that I can’t even imagine how she kept everything straight in her head or on the page. J.K. Rowling is my goddess.